• Jane Douglas

Are you getting lost in your ‘lostness’?

I think those of us on a ‘spiritual’ path do have to laugh at our lostness. If we don’t, I suspect we may be consumed by it. I have certainly spent a long time lost and have wandered for years in what has felt like a pathless desert. I have wept and wailed at the desperate loneliness that it creates and have sought many distractions to soothe the pain.

I often ask why more of us do not permanently succumb to the ‘easy’ path? There are plenty of opportunities for us to re-enter the world of distraction, business and wealth. Why despite the sometimes slim pickings of a reward do we continue on this path that appears and disappears like a mirage before our very eyes?

Because in our bones we know there is more to life than the endless distractions of living on the surface, we have felt its depth, tasted its juice and continually hear the call within us to keep going.

It seems that despite the temptations to succumb to the easy path, once you have heard that call, felt that depth and tasted that juice, there is no choice but to embrace lostness. Not really.

Jane Douglas

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