• Jane Douglas

Are you being called to evolve?

When I think about my own journey as a coach, I can see that my methods evolved alongside my own personal growth. I began using the GROW model because that was where I was at. I moved on to NLP because I felt the call to go deeper, and I transitioned onto Transpersonal coaching because I wanted to go deeper still. The more I grew to know my own depths the more I turned to coaching methods that reflected that knowing.

I am sure during your coaching journey there have been times when you have felt as though you had outgrown your methods and searched for deeper ways to work with your clients? It is inevitable that you would seek approaches that allow you to grow, that make you feel enlivened and participative. I think it comes to us all that we tire of being the expert on the side lines and want a more soul to soul intimate experience.

A soul centric coaching relationship is much more intimate than a lot of mainstream coaching. It is a relationship where you as the coach have done sufficient inner work that you can drop your mask of the ‘helping professional’ and show up and be real. Within your liberated presence something magical happens. The process becomes enlivened and the space between coach and client vanishes, there is a palpable sense of no separation. In this most sacred of spaces transformation for one offers the possibility of transformation for the other.

In the early days of my journey I did not trust myself enough to work in this deeply intimate way with my clients. It took a lot of inner work to drop my mask and get visible. If you had suggested to me back then that coaching was something that I was part of I would have told you quite firmly that IS NOT coaching. And maybe it isn’t. Maybe what I do now is something else entirely. Who knows?

All I know is that your journey as coach and helping professional is not static and you are constantly being called to evolve and grow with every encounter. If you listen you will hear the quiet voice of your inner wisdom inviting you to come out from behind your professional armour and be seen. A quiet invitation to be part of the very human journey of inner transformation.