• Jane Douglas

Anyone can run away

That is the easy way out, even though the sweat and toil and all make it feel like the hard way.

But the hard way is to stop and face it; this truth you are frightened of facing.

Maybe you are running from the truth about a job that is eating away at any sense of purpose or meaning, or a relationship that is destroying your soul one disdainful look at a time. Or perhaps the truth you are avoiding is that habit that is stealing your life force in the wake of its destructive path?

It takes great courage not to run from what is hard to face. It’s much easier to bury yourself in a glass of wine, some mindless TV or the ever present temptation of some complex carbohydrates!

But what is worse, facing the truth or the exhaustion that comes from running all the time?

How TIRED are you right now?

Facing the truth is the hard way. Make no mistake about it, but it is the only way to freedom and the only way to finally take that rest that you dream of in the daily grind of running.

Isn’t it time you stopped running?

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Jane Douglas

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