• Jane Douglas


The acid stench of the past dissolves your flesh,

exposing your humanness, your human frailty.

Bathing in the soothing ointment of self-justification,

you wait. Your radiance all but extinguished.

You wait for them to recognise your confusion.

You wait for them to feel your hurt.

You wait for them to know your loss.

But they don’t. They are waiting too.

Your healing flesh tightens into a gossamer armour

that strangles the very breath out of your heart.

Angry and defiant you defend your position,

against invasion from the light of truth.

In a moment you hear a voice you know as your own

‘My child, there is no freedom in this.

You cannot deny the ache in your chest,

nor ignore the depth of your hunger to be free.

You must stop waiting for things to be different.

You must find the courage to let the acid of the past

dissolve the protection around your weary heart,

and reveal the you that is waiting,

to give every last thing away, for freedom.

On that glorious day you will fall into the arms of life,

joined by the armies who surrendered before you.

On that day wounds will be bathed in love,

your radiance will be recovered, and all will be forgiven.’

Jane Douglas

#LettingGo #Relationships #EmotionalWounds #Freedom #Wellbeing