• Jane Douglas

9 Key Ways to have More Freedom in Your Business

Isn’t it odd? You create a business to create freedom. The freedom to run things yourself, make your own decisions, earn more money only to find that what you have created has left you feeling trapped in the day to day ‘business of running a business’, unfulfilled, frustrated and at risk of burn out.

Free is the last thing you feel.

It’s easy to blame the business. But whilst you point the finger at outside circumstances then you are never going to find the freedom you want. Your business doesn’t create your lack of freedom.

The problem and the solution lies within you.

It doesn’t matter whether you are talking about your business, your relationships, your emotional wellbeing or your life in general. Gaining the freedom or the more that you want can never come from creating or getting more of something outside of yourself when it is you, your real, authentic true self that is missing.

We spend our whole lives protecting our true self. We develop a range of behaviours supported and underpinned by beliefs and thoughts that constantly run in the background. These can hold us back and limit our ability to be alive and free in our business. We end up trapped, believing that we have to be the one who has all the answers; holding the responsibility for all the decisions; worrying what others will think of us if we ask for help and afraid that we will fail or denying any possibility of not knowing what to do.

We get in our own way and create a trap where it becomes impossible to be ourselves. Afraid of what people will think or that we aren’t enough, our true self ends up locked away behind these layers of protection, distraction and behaviours.

Of course, your true self does manage to break free for brief moments – those wonderful moments when everything flows, when you feel completely unleashed.

When you feel alive in your business.

When you feel the freedom you always wanted.

You don’t have to settle for moments.

To get the freedom you want in your business use these nine keys.

  • Let go of past failures

  • Never play small

  • Show how you feel

  • Say “I don’t know” …. often

  • Ask for help when you need it

  • Open your heart to those around you

  • Create something new

  • Don’t push for success

  • Dare to be all that you are

Jane Douglas

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