7 benefits of having a spiritual practice

“Every single day, your practice draws you deeper into who you really are. It deepens your relationship with your soul and makes space for the beautiful unfolding of every single moment.” - Jane Douglas

Do you have a spiritual practice? There are lots of very good reasons to have one. Just a few are:

1. It brings you inner peace – quieting the chatter of the mind and connecting you to a deeper relationship with your inner self

2. It acts as a kind of compass so that you can always find your way ‘home’ at times when you feel lost or uncertain

3. It nourishes and uplifts you. It feeds your soul and makes joy and inner peace more readily accessible to you

4. You know that you are okay – even when the world is telling you are not

5. It helps you to navigate your outer world with more ease and grace by developing an understanding of your inner world

6. It is constant and keeps you grounded and steady in times of change and unforeseen circumstance

7. It is your gateway to truth, connecting you to your soul and revealing the profound wisdom and intuitive messages it wants you to know

But what actually is a Spiritual Practice?’

If you look at the definition of the word ‘practice’ you will find that it is the actual application of a method as opposed to the theory relating to it, and there is another meaning as in ‘to practice’, to keep applying a method, learning each time as you go along.

This is particularly relevant when we are talking about a spiritual practice.

A spiritual practice doesn’t have to involve sitting on a meditation mat, chanting or trying to clear your mind of all thoughts (good luck with that one by the way) – it is just as likely to be spending time in nature, sewing, gardening, being with one you love, painting, journaling – anything that you do wholeheartedly that brings you into a profound connection with who you are at your core.

Have you noticed how different the quality of the time is when you are doing something that somehow takes you away from the humdrum, the drama, the everyday? Something that transforms the moments into something meaningful and real? Something spiritual. Something that feeds your soul?

Spiritual practice is less about the what you do and is more about the how you deeply connect with and experience the moments spent doing it.

And the practice part?

The regular repetition. The returning to and doing it again, and again. A ritual that brings you certainty, your practice that provides a solid foundation, an anchor that you return to time and time again, each time feeling more and more sacred, each time, every single day - your practice drawing you deeper and deeper into who you really are.


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