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Who is this for and what is it about?

The My Map to Freedom Experience is a package of one to one coaching aimed at two groups of people:

•Those already on a ‘spiritual’ path who are looking for a practice or those who are just embarking on their spiritual journey.


Whether you have been on a spiritual path for years or are just embarking on this journey The My Map to Freedom Experience is a completely unique approach. Blending psychological understanding and a practice with a 'spiritual' orientation this experience works at the deepest level bringing transformational change and inner freedom..

The map works by showing you first-hand your patterns of defence and closure and enables you to connect to the deepest aspect of yourself, which is often blocked from view or buried. It is about showing you who you really are.

The main aim of the coaching sessions is to teach you how to use you map to freedom as a spiritual practice. The experience does this by showing you the ways you abandon your true self and then teaches you how to connect to who you really are. In addition to this broad approach clients have found the one to one coaching experience also helped them...

•Mend fractured or dysfunctional relationships.

•Build undefended and authentic relationships.

•Build more intimacy in personal relationships.

•Escape the trap of living in the past.

•Get free of emotional pain.

•End emotional eating.

•Ease stress and anxiety.

•Build confidence and self-worth.

•Stay present and live in the now.

•Deepen their mindfulness practice.

•Put the Enneagram into daily practice.

•Live a life of purpose and meaning.

•Understand what it means to be an authentic leader.

For self employed coaches and helping professionals who are being called to do deeper work in the world. 


Stepping out into the world is an act of intense bravery that requires you to move from behind your conditioned patterns of defence and closure and show up. Make no mistake this is a spiritual quest that requires soul centric approach. In my personal experience of training thousands of coaches, many don’t move forward not because they lack marketing knowledge but because they are simply too frightened of putting themselves out there, putting themselves up for scrutiny, terrified of sharing themselves. They tell themselves that they won’t be liked that they are not good enough and that they will lose everything. I know this, because this was (and at times still is) me.


Learning to show up in an authentic way is actually about vulnerability and this is incredibly scary, it is a spiritual quest. There is a direct relationship between your willingness and readiness to come out of hiding and the amount of transformation and healing you have to do first. This package of coaching has a specific goal, to ensure that you become visible in the world and to your clients.


"Becoming a visible coach requires you to drop your conditioned ways of hiding and show up. It is a human act of immense bravery and vulnerability that requires you to take a soul centric approach by staying in full contact with the deepest aspect of who you are. When you do this you will be visible in the world and visible to your clients."


This is a courageous journey to take, but you will be supported every step of the way and the rewards will be beyond your imagination. 

NB: This package of coaching is the compulsory component of becoming a Certified Map Practitioner. You might be a new era leader, coach, helping professional, teacher or trainer, but equally you might be a carer, friend or parent. Whatever your role, you will be interested in living and helping others to live a more authentic life, free from patterns of defence and closure. 

How does My Map to Freedom experience work?

The programme consists of 6-8 sessions of one to one coaching and includes a blend of applied psychology and practices with a spiritual orientation.  This means that the sessions depart from traditional coaching in that they include a ‘teaching’ element to them. 

Because of this, sessions are up to three hours long. They are fully immersive and are face to face. The reason for this is quite simply to maximise the power of ‘presence.’ Sitting with another in a Soul Centric Coaching session is actually what does the heavy lifting when it comes to transformation and lasting change. This cannot be achieved over a Skype call. It just can’t. When considering if this coaching programme is for you, you must also consider if you can commit to the time (and often the travel) involved. 

Our commitment to you does not end just because your programme does.

Occasionally life will throw a spanner in the works of our carefully constructed lives. We will be here for you when that happens. We will ensure you remember what you will be tempted to forget at such times and gently nudge you back onto the path of remembering who you really are and why you are here.

In addition to the sessions themselves you will also get a ‘kit bag’ for your journey. Your kit bag will include: 

•A copy of the book ‘How to Live Unleashed and Alive’ by Jane Douglas.

•Five downloadable guided meditations

•One full size (40cm x40cm) foldable working map.

•One full size piece of Wall Art (40cm x 40cm) of your map, to put in frame. This will be used as a daily reminder of all that you are and your destination on our journey together.

•One freedom manifesto.

•Access to a library of resources on our FB page.

•Membership of our closed FB group ‘My Soul Centric Coaching Circle.’


You will pick up your kit bag at your first session.

You get to choose who you would like to guide you through this journey! Follow the link to learn more about our team of certified map practitioners.

The Sessions

Session One


During this session you will learn about the map itself, its structure and what it means for you, and you will also experience the primary ‘technique’ you will be using to work alongside your map… the power of mindful awareness.’

You will learn that mindful awareness is a specific kind of awareness that creates conscious distance from what you are experiencing whilst at the same time opening you up to your immediate experience. You will explore the importance of exercising the power of mindful awareness to become more present to your experiences without reacting to them and understand why this is vital to working with the map.

Session Two


To touch and experience your true self is crucial to working with the map. In this session you will directly experience what being in touch with your true self feels like for you. 

In this session, you will come to know yourself as something beyond the confines of your personality and the wild emotions of your body. You will directly experience what the centre space on your map represents. 

In this session you will learn to become aware of the difference between this space and your ordinary existence and directly experience the difference between how you feel when you are in the grip of your behaviours, thoughts and emotions and the felt sense of who you are when you are being your true self.  

Session Three


In this session you begin exploring the outer layers of the map. By becoming acquainted with the outer layers of the map you will not only learn to recognise the unique ways you abandon yourself, but also how you trap and imprison your true self. 

By coming to understand how rigidly you sustain the false identities of your conditioned self you will see clearly how you abandon the present moment. 

You will learn that what you now think of as your ‘normal’ personality traits are in fact a set of habitual strategies that ensure you either flee, fight or freeze your present moment experience.

You will also learn about your core motivations and values and fully understand how they drive your actions and reactions.

Session Four

In this session you will begin exploring the second layer of the map. 

By becoming acquainted with your unconscious thoughts and beliefs you will see how your thinking keeps you trapped in a mental whirlwind that means you can feel on top of the world one minute and down in the dumps the next. 

Together you will explore your self-justifications and self-judgements and how these two forms of thought are designed to keep you in a state of reactivity and separateness and have a direct effect on your ability to live in the moment, be authentic and connect deeply with those around you.

Session Five

In this session you will explore the third layer of the map and the domain of your needs and emotions. This layer of the map borders the true self because it is the gateway through which you must pass if you are to live undefended in the present moment.

Working with this third layer of the map is about bringing your mindful awareness to your feelings without collapsing into them; it is to give your feelings total empathy and complete attention. You will learn that when you attend to what you feel in the moment those feelings relax and you are able to return fully to the present moment.


Session Six

The aim of this final session is to bring everything you have explored so far into one place. Here we present you with the tools to take with you on your onward journey with your map.


The Investment

The investment for this coaching package is £2,250. This equates to £125.00 an hour. 


We have limited places for this coaching programme with each of our Certified Practitioners being committed to taking on no more than twenty clients per year. 


Clients are accepted after an initial session which last about an hour which is usually face to face. The initial session is completely free of charge as you are under no obligation to sign up to the package afterwards. It is essential that both client and coach are happy to move forward.

 Your next steps

We fully appreciate that this is a big investment and personal commitment for you to make. For that reason we offer a free consultation session for you to ask any questions you may have or to discuss whether this coaching package is the right one for your needs.

To book your free consultation simply drop Jane an email at jane@mymaptofreedom.com.and she will arrange for a mutually convenient time for an informal chat. 

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