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Welcome to Creative Journaling to Unleash the Soul

What is Creative Journaling?


Creative Journaling to Unleash the Soul is a specific form of journaling that rather than diarising your daily events, focusses on your inner world, with the express aim of unleashing your soul. It is a transformational process of seeking wisdom and inner growth through creative work. Creative Journaling is a gentle and enjoyable practice that will assist you on your journey to becoming who you really are, many describe it as a spiritual practice. 

You do NOT have to be an artist to participate in Creative Journaling to Unleash the Soul, far from it, the only pre-requisite is the desire to know who you really are combined with a desire for a practice that is enjoyable and life-affirming.



Why do I need it?

Of the many needs we have as human beings, the one that brings us the most inner tranquillity is when we come to know all that we are. When you come to know yourself as more than the day to day dealings of your personality you open yourself up to the potential of being fully alive no matter the circumstances, and to being fully present for whatever life brings you. But to realise the possibility of making your soul a bigger part of your human journey you will need a practice that will continually illuminate your path home.


Through this practice, you will dig carefully into the hidden resources of your soul, exploring the feelings that often take you by surprise, and you will be able to walk with a steadfast companion through the labyrinths of dark confusion. You will also get to confront great questions about the meaning and purpose of your life and examine what it is you believe to be true about yourself and life itself. 


This is what takes place in Creative Journaling to Unleash the Soul.


Through your Journaling, you will enter into dialogue with the intention of letting your soul within “reveal to you” the truth of the story you are living that is your life. Through the creative process of Journaling, you will think about and fully embrace your human experience, examine the habitual patterns of your life, think about the impact of these and emotionally process what you have locked away. You will do all this for one reason; to unlock the soul that holds the key to the significant questions of your life. Questions such as:


  • What is my purpose?

  • Why am I struggling with this issue?

  • Why is love so difficult for me?

  • What should I do next?

  • How do I heal?


Creative Journaling to Unleash the Soul is the art of assisting you in expressing the truth that is already bubbling up within you, longing to be realised. The soul within you that always moves you toward, healing, wisdom, courage, and love.

You may be wondering, “but what exactly is my soul? How do I know what my soul really is?” You know more than you realise. Your soul is that part of you that is ever-consistent, ever-present to you. Your soul is the awareness that continually guides you back to centre, even through the worst storms and the darkest of nights. 


Creative Journaling gives you the choice to bring awareness to the ways you block access to your soul so that you can establish a connection with your soul and seek counsel through conversation. This guidance flows continually in your life but is mostly blocked by your habitual ways of behaving, thinking and feeling. Your journaling will shine a light on the ways you habitually block access to the energy and wisdom of your soul., freeing you to live from a place of authenticity, truth and peace. Freeing you to live your life as who you were before the world got its hands on you. Freeing you to live your life fully as your true self. 

The journey to unleashing your soul is unique to you​

Everyone knows that your personality type determines the ways you act, think and to some extent feel, but what is less commonly known is that your personality type also shapes the way you block access to your soul. Your personality traits are in fact well-conditioned patterns of behaviour that whilst they get your needs met and help you navigate your day to day challenges also block access to your soul. Understanding and knowing the ways you block access to your soul is what journaling is all about and your starting point is to find out which personality type and therefore which of the nine maps is yours.

Your map, when used with your journal will plot your journey back to your soul.

To discover which of the nine maps is yours look at the grid below and

choose one option from 1, 2 or 3 PLUS One option from A,B or C

Click on the corresponding coloured circle to see your map and read about your personality type.

Take as many goes as you need to find your map.

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