"Art Journaling to Unleash the Soul"


Welcome to Art Journaling to Unleash the Soul.


My Name is Jane Douglas.


Whether you see yourself as a ‘creative’ person or not you probably intuitively know something about the transformative power of creativity. Even when embarking on the smallest of creative endeavours you cannot help but sense that creativity is healing and life enhancing. It is not a co-incidence that in moment of personal crisis and collective distress that creative endeavours have the unique ability to touch and heal us all. 


Let’s face it we all get glimpses of our soul in our creative endeavours right? That it is why so many of us do it, but how many of us can turn that glimpse into something more? Not many I suspect. I suspect the truth is that many of us find it hard to sustain connection with our true self outside of our creative endeavours.

So what if I told you that;

•You do not need to limit access to the joy in your soul to the times spent in your creative work, and you can experience the same level of joy you feel in your creativity at all times in your life?


•Art Journaling is a gateway to healing and transformation, and a joyful and engaging spiritual practice that could unleash your soul?


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The thing is, whilst we humans are remarkable creatures we have some basic limitations and the most prevalent is our need to create ways of acting, or behaving, that enable us to cope with the challenges of daily life. These ways of coping stop us making connection with our true self and rob us of a life of happiness. Whilst these coping strategies are useful for keeping us comfortable, they become habits of closure and defensiveness that rob us of living a life of joy and spontaneity. 

Recognising these habitual patterns of our personality type is key to living a full life, however the challenge of recognising our patterns is very real. In a world where we are perpetually in motion it is difficult to find the space to see what is right under our nose. PLUS so many of our patterns have become so habitual we simply cannot see them anymore! This is why a map of your inner territory is essential, because your map will make visible what has become invisible to you.


"Using your map alongside your art journal means your map is not only a source of inspiration for your pages but also a powerful tool that enables you to bring the aliveness you experience in your creative endeavours to your whole life." ​

Yes, my friends this is possible and it is a journey of healing, transformation and inner freedom.

The journey to unleashing the soul is unique to you

Everyone knows that your personality type determines the ways you act, think and to some extent feel, but what is less commonly known is that your personality type also shapes the way you protect and defend yourself from the world. Your personality traits are in fact well-conditioned egoic patterns of behaviour that keep you safe and hidden in an overwhelming world. When you don the armour of your personality you are hiding, acting out of fear and playing out a much smaller version of who you are.


There are nine maps to unleashing the soul, one for each personality type. One of them is yours. 

Your first step on your journey is to discover your very own Map. 

There are 9 maps, one for each basic personality type.


Discover yours below by choosing one option from box 1,2 and 3

and one option from box A,B and C.


Click on the corresponding coloured circle to reveal a full description of your type and get sight of your map. Please take as many goes as your need to narrow down your choice.