"There are many great coaches but very few soul centric coaches"


Why are there so few Soul Centric coaches?


As a coach or helping professional I know that you know there are deeper and bigger possibilities for yourself and your work in the world. I know you hear the call to do work that makes an impact on the world, work that goes beyond mainstream coaching techniques, and works with Soul Centric approaches. I know this because becoming a coach or helping professional was a calling, and it is inevitable that you will hear the call to step up and step out. 


And yet, despite hearing this call many hesitate. Why?


Put simply, the work of stepping into Soul Centric work is a call for YOU to step out into the world and be seen. It is an act of immense bravery that requires you do BIG work on yourself first. Make no mistake this is a spiritual quest. 


In my personal experience of training thousands of coaches, most don’t leap into this arena not because they lack marketing knowledge but because there is a part of them that is unconsciously frightened of putting themselves out there. Your conditioned egoic patterns of behaving, thinking and feeling stop you from getting out into the world and living your calling. Taking Soul Centric work into the world means coming out from your protective ways of being and showing up in an authentic way. It is about vulnerability and it is incredibly scary. It is about being visible in the world and visible to your clients. 

"Soul Centric work requires you to drop your conditioned ways of protecting yourself and show up. It is a human to human act of immense bravery and vulnerability that requires you to stay in full contact with the deepest aspect of who you are. When you do, not only will you awaken your fullest potential for serving the world, your presence will awaken the deepest aspects of your clients."

Jane Douglas

My Map to Freedom is first and foremost a systematic Soul Centric approach for learning HOW to drop your conditioned ways of hiding. There are very few pragmatic systems for learning how to be authentic and real, but this is one. When used as a practice it enables you to courageously show up in the world and to your clients. 

The journey to Soul Centric work is unique to you

Everyone knows that your personality type determines the ways you act, think and to some extent feel, but what is less commonly known is that your personality type also shapes the way you protect and defend yourself from the world. Your personality traits are in fact well-conditioned egoic patterns of behaviour that keep you safe and hidden in an overwhelming world. When you don the armour of your personality you are hiding, acting out of fear and playing out a much smaller version of who you are.


There are nine maps to doing Soul Centric work, one for each personality type. One of them is yours. 


Your map is a visual device that enables you to recognise and relax your unconscious and egoic ways of coping, defending and protecting yourself. When used as a practice it enables you to transform your egoic patterns setting you free to live your larger calling in the world. 

How does the map work?

The My Map Method is a Soul Centric practice used alongside your map. The practice (The R.E.S.T. Process) has a spiritual orientation rooted in the time-honoured methods of mindfulness, inquiry and depth psychology.

The physical map works in the same way a traditional map does, by acting as a visual guide to the precise ways that YOU keep yourself armoured and invisible from living your larger calling. Together, the physical map and the practice chart your journey to showing up in the world and at the same time provides you with a method of doing Soul Centric work with your clients.

Why would you want to do Soul Centric work anyway?

Because you are looking to:

  • Build a business that does deeper work and has more impact in the world.

  • Answer the call you feel to bring more and be more of who you are into the world.

  • Do work that you believe in.

  • Do work that enables you to grow and expand your own awareness and spiritual practice.

  • Expand your work with your current clients and attract new ones.

  • Bring even more depth and meaning to the way you work with clients on the big issues in their life

  • Feel confident and sure-footed in your journey doing the deeper work because you have a framework in which to operate and explore your client’s territory and landscape.

  • Tread a time-honoured path rooted in ancient wisdom and made relevant for today’s world

  • Follow not just a map to your client’s solutions, but also a map to becoming more Soul Centric in your approach.

  • Embark on meaningful inner work that truly transforms, rather than using temporary sticking plasters which simply transcend issues.

  • Feel able to simply be present for your clients rather than feeling obliged to find answers and fix things.

  • Trust and believe that you and your clients will get lasting results.

  • Take your clients as far and as deep as they want to go.

  • Give your clients something they can see and take away with them – a plotted course so that they can see where they are heading.

Your map when used with The My Map Method will plot your journey to doing Soul Centric work.

Your first step on your journey is to discover your very own Map. There are 9 maps, one for each basic personality type. Discover yours below.

 Find Your Map to Soul Centric Coaching


Choose one of the following statements... A, B or C



I feel at my best when... I retreat into my inner world, withdraw from others and think things through


I feel at my best when... I work hard, serve others and do what should be done


 I feel at my best when... I put myself out there, fix problems, and make things happen

Again, choose one of the following statements below, either 1, 2 or 3


Others would say that I react to life's struggles by... remaining objective and that I tend to detach from issues in order to find a logical plan


Others would say that I react to life's struggles by... being optimistic and that I tend to push issues aside in order to move forward


Others would say that I react to life's struggles by... being assertive and that I tend to escalate issues in order to bring about direct action


Combine both answers from the above to find your map and learn more about Soul Centric Coaching


The Green Investigator + Soul Centric Coaching

Values Knowledge | Avoids Ignorance

Perceptive, Innovative, Knowledgeable and Isolated


The Teal Peacemaker + Soul Centric Coaching

Values Peace | Avoids Conflict

Receptive, Reassuring, Agreeable and Complacent


The Purple Individualist + Soul Centric Coaching

Values Uniqueness | Avoids Conformity

Expressive, Dramatic, Unique and Temperamental


The White Perfectionist + Soul Centric Coaching

Values Perfection | Avoids Mistakes

Principled, Rational, Purposeful and Perfectionistic


The Orange Helper + Soul Centric Coaching

Values being Lovable | Avoids being Unlovable

Caring, Demonstrative, Generous and People Pleasing


The Blue Loyal Guardian + Soul Centric Coaching

Values being Secure | Avoids being Insecure

Engaging, Responsible, Steadfast and Anxious


The Gold Achiever + Soul Centric Coaching

Values Success | Avoids Failure

Excelling, Driven, Focussed and Image-Conscious


The Yellow Enthusiast + Soul Centric Coaching

Values Happiness | Avoids Unhappiness

Spontaneous, Versatile, Joyful and Scattered


The Red Challenger + Soul Centric Coaching

Values Strength | Avoids Weakness

Self-Confident, Decisive, Wilful and Confrontational

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