"a new approach to living

the wisdom of the enneagram"


Why a new approach?

A completely unique and visual way to live the wisdom of the Enneagram.


Whilst the Enneagram is a very powerful and accurate map of the personality or ego structure, it does not tell us how to work through the terrain it describes and achieve the inner freedom it promises.  

Working through the Enneagram only happens through inner work that encompasses both psychological understanding as well as a practice with a spiritual orientation. The My Map Method is an approach that offers both.

What is the My Map Method?

At its core, the My Map Method is about practicing the inner freedom the Enneagram promises. 

It is a physical map and works in the same way a traditional map works, by acting as a visual guide. The psychological terrain it helps you navigate is the hectic and noisy mechanism of your habitual personality traits or ego, and it charts your route back to the peace and aliveness of your true self.


Using your map alongside a practice called the R.E.S.T. Process (a guided practice with a spiritual orientation) the My Map Method it is designed to transform your everyday experiences and bring you inner freedom.

The first step is to find your Map...

My Map to Freedom has taken the 9 personality types of the Enneagram and transformed them into nine physical maps. The first step is to find yours... If you already know which type you are, scroll and follow the right link to get sight of your map. If you are new to the Enneagram, take the simple test below. Feel free to read about all the maps, especially if you find the questions in the test difficult to answer. 

 Find Your Map to Living the Enneagram 

Choose one of the following statements... A, B or C



I feel at my best when... I retreat into my inner world, withdraw from others and think things through


I feel at my best when... I work hard, serve others and do what should be done


 I feel at my best when... I put myself out there, fix problems, and make things happen

Again, choose one of the following statements below, either 1, 2 or 3


Others would say that I react to life's struggles by... remaining objective and that I tend to detach from issues in order to find a logical plan


Others would say that I react to life's struggles by... being optimistic and that I tend to push issues aside in order to move forward


Others would say that I react to life's struggles by... being assertive and that I tend to escalate issues in order to bring about direct action


Combine both answers from the above to find your map and learn more about living the Enneagram...


The Green Investigator + Living the Enneagram

Values Knowledge | Avoids Ignorance

Perceptive, Innovative, Knowledgeable and Isolated


The Teal Peacemaker + Living the Enneagram

Values Peace | Avoids Conflict

Receptive, Reassuring, Agreeable and Complacent


The Purple Individualist + Living the Enneagram

Values Uniqueness | Avoids Conformity

Expressive, Dramatic, Unique and Temperamental


The White Perfectionist + Living the Enneagram

Values Perfection | Avoids Mistakes

Principled, Rational, Purposeful and Perfectionistic


The Orange Helper + Living the Enneagram

Values being Lovable | Avoids being Unlovable

Caring, Demonstrative, Generous and People Pleasing


The Blue Loyal Guardian + Living the Enneagram

Values being Secure | Avoids being Insecure

Engaging, Responsible, Steadfast and Anxious


The Gold Achiever + Living the Enneagram

Values Success | Avoids Failure

Excelling, Driven, Focussed and Image-Conscious


The Yellow Enthusiast + Living the Enneagram

Values Happiness | Avoids Unhappiness

Spontaneous, Versatile, Joyful and Scattered


The Red Challenger + Living the Enneagram

Values Strength | Avoids Weakness

Self-Confident, Decisive, Wilful and Confrontational

My Map to Freedom Box Set


This box set comes with a full scale (40cm x 40cm) foldable map of your personality type and a copy of the book 'How to Live Unleashed & Alive' by Jane Douglas.

The box set is perfect for you if you want to live a more fulfilling life, are working with the Enneagram, want to learn how to live in the now or are a coach or other helping practitioner working with others. By using the book and your very own map together, you will be able to see the specific ways your personality type behaves, thinks and feels, showing you with startling clarity how your personality traits, thoughts and emotions rob you of a deep and meaningful connection with your true self. 


This book has been written for you if you are:

  • Tired and stressed with your daily life

  • Unfulfilled in your work

  • Closed off in your relationships

  • Trapped in self-destructive behaviours

  • Empty and disengaged with life

  • Frightened to be or show who you really are

  • Dissatisfied with life in general

  • Struggling to stay present, in the now

  • Looking for a way to live the wisdom of the Enneagram

  • A coach wanting a map not only to your client’s solutions but also to deepen your coaching presence

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