"The things that make it difficult for you to live in the now are unique to you."


We are not the same in this...

Your basic personality influences and determines the specific ways that you lose contact with the present moment. You are reading this because you have probably been wondering why you can’t stay present and in the moment, blaming yourself for not having grasped a technique, understood the theory and getting more confused and dispirited – believing it’s not for you or worse; it’s not possible.


Your map is a reminder that it is possible...

What is a map?

My Map to Freedom is a physical map (well there are nine of them to be precise). It takes the 9 basic personality types and transforms them into a unique, modern approach to living in the now. It is something tangible, a physical map that shows in one place, all that you are. A map that you can hold, look at, cry over, spill wine on, glance at. Something to use every day.

How will it help me to live in the now?

Your map will sometimes act as a reminder of who you really are when you become lost. Sometimes its job will be to guide you through the hurricane of modern life back to the tranquility of the present moment. It will show you your conditioned habits, responses, and behaviours and how your patterns of closure and defensiveness take you away from the present moment, and lead you back home, to your true self. It will enable you to listen to your inner wisdom and get answers when life is tough, and it will assist you in hearing the music of your own heart rather than the fleeting whisper of the ego. And it will always remind you that you are a soul living a human life.

Find your map below today...

 Find Your Map to Living in the Now 

Choose one of the following statements... A, B or C



I feel at my best when... I retreat into my inner world, withdraw from others and think things through


I feel at my best when... I work hard, serve others and do what should be done


 I feel at my best when... I put myself out there, fix problems, and make things happen

Again, choose one of the following statements below, either 1, 2 or 3


Others would say that I react to life's struggles by... remaining objective and that I tend to detach from issues in order to find a logical plan


Others would say that I react to life's struggles by... being optimistic and that I tend to push issues aside in order to move forward


Others would say that I react to life's struggles by... being assertive and that I tend to escalate issues in order to bring about direct action


Combine both answers from the above to find your map and learn more about living in the now...


The Green Investigator + Living in the Now

Values Knowledge | Avoids Ignorance

Perceptive, Innovative, Knowledgeable and Isolated


The Teal Peacemaker + Living in the Now

Values Peace | Avoids Conflict

Receptive, Reassuring, Agreeable and Complacent


The Purple Individualist + Living in the Now

Values Uniqueness | Avoids Conformity

Expressive, Dramatic, Unique and Temperamental


The White Perfectionist + Living in the Now

Values Perfection | Avoids Mistakes

Principled, Rational, Purposeful and Perfectionistic


The Orange Helper + Living in the Now

Values being Lovable | Avoids being Unlovable

Caring, Demonstrative, Generous and People Pleasing


The Blue Loyal Guardian + Living in the Now

Values being Secure | Avoids being Insecure

Engaging, Responsible, Steadfast and Anxious


The Gold Achiever + Living in the Now

Values Success | Avoids Failure

Excelling, Driven, Focussed and Image-Conscious


The Yellow Enthusiast + Living in the Now

Values Happiness | Avoids Unhappiness

Spontaneous, Versatile, Joyful and Scattered


The Red Challenger + Living in the Now

Values Strength | Avoids Weakness

Self-Confident, Decisive, Wilful and Confrontational

My Map to Living in the Now

A learning programme designed to bring you back to the present moment.

This course consists of:


  • Six downloadable lessons with inquiry exercises

  • Five downloadable guided meditations

  • One foldable map (posted)

  • One full-scale map (40cm x 40cm) designed for the home or office (posted)

  • One A4 Presence manifesto (posted)

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