Welcome to your Living in the Now programme! 

My Map to Freedom is a labour of love for me. it is the culmination and distillation of what I have learned in twenty plus years of teaching in the personal development arena. It is first and foremost about learning how to be fully alive no matter the circumstances. It is about learning how to be fully present for whatever life brings because underneath our layers of protection and defense, we know who we really are.


Joseph Campbell, the famous mythologist wrote “I don’t think people are seeking meaning in their life. I think what they are seeking is to feel the rapture of being alive.” This yearning to feel alive wells up from deep within us and we know it to be real. Responding to this ‘Call to Adventure’ is to learn how live in what Richard Moss calls ‘radical aliveness’ and is the primary intention of My Map to Freedom.


This programme teaches you how to use your map to live more fully in the now.


Aims of the programme

In today’s hectic world it is difficult to find the space to be able to live in the now. We find ourselves overwhelmed and overworked and tired and stressed people do not have the time, space or motivation to observe the self. 


We humans are remarkable creatures but we have some basic limitations, the most prevalent being our need to create ways of acting, or behaving that enable us to cope with the challenges of daily life. Whilst these coping strategies are useful for keeping you comfortable, they become habits of closure and defensiveness that rob you of living a life of authenticity, spontaneity and the ability to live in the present moment. 


Recognising the habitual patterns of your ego-based personality is key to living your life in the moment. There is a profound difference between how the egoic self (represented in the outer layers of your map) and the true self (represented in the centre of your map) meet the present moment.


The ego’s relationship to the present moment is always strategic. It seeks to get its needs met and it REACTS by defending against any feeling that threatens it. In contrast the true self appreciates any feeling for what it is and is non-reactive and non-strategic. It RESPONDS by making room for feelings instead of closing them down,  fleeing, fighting or freezing them.

The the main aim of this programme is to observe the difference between the way the egoic self and the way the true self meet the present moment.


Your map will act as a device to help you observe your thoughts and behaviours in action, bringing awareness to the day-to-day dealings of your egoic personality so that you can get back to your true self, the present moment and the aliveness that you have been seeking.


As you work with your map you will come to see the nature of your self-created habits of fleeing or avoiding the present moment. These habits were built for self-preservation and self-protection but are now robbing you of being authentic and real, keeping you from living in the moment and denying you the freedom of  feeling fully alive.


Your map aims to do two things:


•Allow you to develop mindful awareness about the specific ways you flee the present moment.

•Act as a visual portal to the present moment.

The Programme Structure


This programme of six lessons and five guided meditations are designed to be undertaken sequentially. Each session builds on the last to develop you to use the map as an ongoing practice in a exercise called the R.E.S.T process.


Sessions 1-5 are intended to; 

•Build awareness of the ways your personality type leaves the present moment. It does this by taking you through short exercises. 

•Develop the skill of mindful awareness, which is the key to living in the now.


Session 6 is intended to 

•Bring exercises 1-5 together by teaching an ongoing practice called the R.E.S.T process. 

Some Important notes

  • There is nothing for you to ‘do’ with what what you discover in the sessions. This programme is not about ‘changing’ you in any way. You are not broken. This programme is about developing mindful awareness, which, as you will discover,  is the key to living in the now. 


  • Your map is like an exercise machine – through  keeping it visible whilst doing the work, you will develop your life.

  • When you work with your map the starting point is your daily struggles. They are a gateway to your true self.


  • It is important not to make this work another ‘should’ on your long list of ‘shoulds.’ Work with your map when you can. Obviously the more you do the more you will learn, but there is no hurry.

  • The key to doing the exercises in this programme is to take the questions slowly. When answering, close your eyes, be still and go deeply as you contemplate. The work stops the moment you stop answering the questions. You will get the most out of the process if you go as deep as you can with each question, not moving to the next question until you are truly ready. This means that you will need to have a quiet space and set aside some time. 

  • Most importantly of all enjoy the journey, it is the most exciting one you will take!

Instructions for the sessions:

Click the button below labelled 'Introduction' this will open up a PDF document - you can read this document on your screen or download it for printing, the choice is yours. Once you have read this PDF move on to the lessons.

Please note that lesson three and four share a meditation.

Please read the lessons BEFORE listening to the meditations.

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Meeting Your True Self - MeditationJane Douglas
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Your TraitsJane Douglas
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Your ThoughtsJane Douglas
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Your emotionsJane Douglas
00:00 / 05:56
I am hereJane Douglas
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