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You value individuality, being unique above all else and long to freely express yourself. You feel your emotions deeply and are not afraid of their power. You want to be gifted, intuitive, original and unique. More importantly, you want to be passionate and uniquely authentic. You desire experiences that are rich with feeling and meaning. You would like others to see you as idealistic, emotionally deep and compassionate.

Here is your Map to Freedom...

What does this add to the Enneagram?

Although the Enneagram is a highly accurate description of your personality and ego structure, it does not give you a solid method to navigate your way to the inner freedom.

In order to get beyond your personality you need two things;

  1. Psychological understanding of your inner landscape.  

  2. A practice with a spiritual orientation, to navigate your inner landscape.

The My Map Method gives you both. At its core, The My Map Method is about practicing the inner freedom that the Enneagram promises. 

How does it work?

The My Map Method is unique because it blends psychological understanding with a spiritual practice.

Your map (your map is actually a physical map you can hold in your hands) gives you the psychological understanding needed for inner freedom. It works in a similar way to a traditional map, by acting as a visual guide revealing, the hectic and noisy mechanisms of your habitual personality traits, thoughts, and emotions.


The R.E.S.T. Process gives you a daily practice that helps you navigate your inner landscape through the challenges of everyday life and allows you to journey back to the peace and aliveness of your true self (in the centre of your map.)

The R.E.S.T. Process involves gently bringing loving awareness to what is happening in the moment and allowing whatever is happening to just be. 

Why you, as a Purple Individualist, find inner freedom difficult…

As a Purple Individualist, the reasons you find it hard to find inner freedom is due to the ways you ensure that you remain unique in all circumstances. 

In an attempt to deny your feelings of deficiency you will often recast yourself as being special or unique as a way of valuing yourself on a surface level, and when this is taken to extremes you can often appear grandiose. You have a hidden fear of being emotionally cut off and abandoned and can seek connections that are not necessarily good for you, and you will go to great lengths to avoid feeling lost, disorientated and without personal significance, meaning or direction. You avoid appearing to others as inadequate, defective or flawed and will often portray an outer appearance of strength that you don’t really feel. Craving ideal circumstances, or love, you often ruminate on what is missing and perceived to be important. You tend to worry that others may have a better deal, or are being recognised while your talents are being ignored.

Although it would be wrong to see all Purple Individualists as artists you have the temperament of one and long to freely express yourself and need to be seen as artistic, gifted and accomplished.

What will inner freedom look like for a Purple Individualist?

By using your map on a daily basis, you will be able to find inner freedom and reconnect with the originality at the core of who you are.

By using the My Map Method you will…


  • Overcome your usual desire to be different from the crowd in order to get attention.

  • Learn to express your own needs and desires without resorting to drama.

  • Learn to tell the truth rather than being deceptive and manipulative.

  • Have a greater sense of your own self-worth.

  • Feel less resentful when you see others have what you do not.

  • Work towards feeling less isolated and persecuted by the rest of the world.

  • Learn to be less of a victim.

  • Live more fully in the moment rather than rushing to the next bad relationship.

  • Let go of seeking to be admired for your talents.

Try it out...

Below is a short guide on how to use your map. Inside it contains a fuller description of who you are, a brief introduction on how to use the map in your daily life and a copy of your map. Once you have looked at the guide you might like to try the guided meditation, you will need your map open in front of you, so we suggest you keep the guide open on your laptop.

Download your free map & guide for the Purple Individualist

Once you have had sight of your map you might also like to try a free guided meditation...

Free Guided Meditation - Jane Douglas
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What next...

Now that you have sampled the map, your next step depends on what you want to achieve. Many people use the map as wall art so that it can act as a visual reminder of all that you are (and you can find your Purple Individualist wall art in our shop). Others want to take a deep dive into the work of the map by learning how to use it as a practice for inner freedom. If this is the case for you then the My Map to Freedom Box set contains everything that you need with:

  • A copy of the book, 'How to Live Unleashed and Alive' by Jane Douglas. The book details how to follow the R.E.S.T. Process at all three levels, full theory for each layer of the map, and coloured illustrations of the nine maps with full explanations of each.

  • A full-scale foldable copy of your map to begin your work.

My Map to Freedom Box Set


This box set comes with a full scale (40cm x 40cm) foldable map of your personality type and a copy of the book 'How to Live Unleashed & Alive' by Jane Douglas.

The box set is perfect for you if you want to live a more fulfilling life, are working with the Enneagram, want to learn how to live in the now or are a coach or other helping practitioner working with others. By using the book and your very own map together, you will be able to see the specific ways your personality type behaves, thinks and feels, showing you with startling clarity how your personality traits, thoughts and emotions rob you of a deep and meaningful connection with your true self. 


This book has been written for you if you are:

  • Tired and stressed with your daily life

  • Unfulfilled in your work

  • Closed off in your relationships

  • Trapped in self-destructive behaviours

  • Empty and disengaged with life

  • Frightened to be or show who you really are

  • Dissatisfied with life in general

  • Struggling to stay present, in the now

  • Looking for a way to live the wisdom of the Enneagram

  • A coach wanting a map not only to your client’s solutions but also to deepen your coaching presence

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