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You value knowledge and competence above all else and as you tend to be private and solitary by nature, you remain invisible until you are ready to come out of hiding. You tend to stay on the side-lines, preferring to play the role of detached observer or investigator. You want to be intelligent, informed, knowledgeable and perceptive. More importantly, you want to be self-sufficient and not have the entanglements of obligation. You see yourself as intellectual, dispassionate and investigative.

Your Map & Living in the Now


When you embark on the journey of using your map you are not only coming face to face with the specific ways that your personality type struggles to live in the now you are also getting a glimpse of what now-ness feels like for you as a Green Investigator. The word 'Wisdom', written in the centre space of your map, is the quality hat you feel when you are fully living in the now.

Whilst we can all experience living in the now in a holistic sense, each personality type has a specific definition of now-ness, an essential quality of true self that belongs to their type. When you sit, present in the centre of who you are, you will glimpse your own definition of living in the now where you have limitless resources, can relax any need to seek acknowledgement and can feel that you have everything you need.

For the Green Investigator, their definition of living in the now is Wisdom. When you experience the form of Wisdom that lies in the centre of your map, you know with absolute certainty that it has always been there and that all you needed to do was find the space to receive it. You quickly discern that the wisdom at the centre of your being is not like the inferior imitation knowledge you grasp for in your everyday life and that appears on the outer edges of the map.

It is not the same because the quality of living in the now called Wisdom does not rely on you becoming competent in order to feel it. Neither does it mean you have to suppress your own impulses and desires because they seem a waste of time. In fact, living in the now does not require you to do any of the things that show up in the outer edges of the map. Your Originality is solid and enduring.

When you are able to connect to the centre of who you are, you will know exactly what is needed in the moment, whether you are seeking the experience of being in the now, simply relating to another human being, coaching, leading a team or working as part of a team. In that space you let go of your personal thinking, you let go of blame, judgement, criticism, anger, frustration, etc. This space within you is full of kindness, compassion, and deep calm.

This is an incredible journey back to who you were before the world got its hands on you. If you would like to experience a taste of this journey, then please click below for your free map and guide…


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My Map to Living in the Now

A learning programme designed to bring you back to the present moment.

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