In-house Creative Journaling Clubs 
with Jane Douglas

So here's a this post pandemic world are you looking for creative solutions to wellbeing in your workplace? 

As you know returning to work is raising concerns and uncertainty for people, re-entry into the world of work is going to take time and care and we cannot assume that we will return to normal quickly, or even at all. In this time of uncertainty and adjustment, innovative, relevant and diverse solutions to wellbeing are more important than ever.

So, have you ever thought of running an on-line Creative Journaling Club? Possibly not. So let me tell you a little bit about them and why they might be of interest to you.


What are In-House Creative Journaling Clubs? 

In- House Creative Journaling Clubs are a unique and innovative solution for the wellbeing of your people, in many ways they are similar to a book club. 

Like a book club Creative Journaling Clubs are a space in which your people can come together to connect, share and chat. 

Unlike a book club...

  • The 'space' is a virtual space hosted on our dedicated social media platform. 

  • Instead of using a book to guide conversations, we share our journaling pages (if we want to of course!)

  • Instead of  purchasing books your people will receive beautiful boxes of journaling resources for their practice (how many depends on which plan you choose.)


What is The R.E.S.T. Practice?

The R.E.S.T. Practice is a simple four step creative journaling practice that blends self awareness and mindfulness with simple journaling techniques that can be learnt by anyone.  

The Practice itself increases employees capacity to cope with the everyday challenges of work and life, and is a powerful route to personal growth and transformation.


How does it work?

Generally organisations either sign up to a one of our off the shelf pricing plans, or negotiate a bespoke plan that suits their needs. Once the plan is in place this means that organisations or their employees will;

  • Be allocated a 'closed' space on our dedicated social media network in which only members of their organisations have access to. This space provides a private and safe place for people to connect and share their journaling pages (if they wish to of course) and support one another through their daily challenges.

  • Have access to the hundreds of tutorial videos on our platform which will teach, inspire and encourage people to make the most of their practice.

  • Receive regular boxes crammed with journaling materials to keep people engaged and inspired.

  • Be invited to attend live on-line sessions with Jane Douglas.

Who is Jane Douglas?

Jane Douglas is a highly experienced trainer, facilitator and coach who has spent the last twenty plus years working in values led organisations. Typically these organisations have a social purpose and employ people who are driven people to make a difference in the world. Incredible though the people in these organisations are, they have one key weakness, they rarely look after themselves. Instead they put their work and the needs of others first, often finding themselves overworked, tired and burnt out. Jane believes her purpose is to ‘serve those who serve’ and has dedicated this practice to supporting those who are driven to make a difference in the world.

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Why would an organisation be interested in starting an In-House Creative Journaling Club?

There can be no doubt that the wellbeing of employees has never been more important. It is also clear that there is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution to wellbeing.

Creative Journaling clubs will not solve all your wellbeing issues, however they will help you to… 



Live organisational values such as:

•Developing self-awareness and personal growth

•Cross department working

•Collaboration and support

•Inclusivity and diversity 

•Innovation and creativity


Develop your people to:


•Cope with the demands that come with purpose driven work.

•Lower anxiety and decrease stress

•Increase feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction

•Bring their whole selves to the work they do

•Increase a sense of gratitude and optimism

•Process difficult life situations and free up mental resources. 

•Identify the root causes of problems  

•Bring greater compassion to themselves and others


Implement a manageable solution that will:


•Be easy to set up

•Increase the potential for cross departmental working

•Be low risk in terms of cost and attendance

•Require little ongoing management

•Fit working flexible working patterns and remote working

•Provide your people with peer support and support from our team

Provide a sense of community and belonging outside of work

What do employees get from being part of an In-House Creative Journaling Club? 

For employees this is dedicated time to slow down and get back to who they really are. It also provides…


A Place of Refuge: Sometimes it’s hard for employees to take time for themselves. Committing to a practice and joining a club will help draw a line around some time that is especially for them, their journal and their practice. Time to inquire into their own thoughts, find their own words, hear the voice of their inner wisdom. 


A Place of Connection:  Journaling is generally a solitary experience. With Creative Journaling Clubs your employees get their own time to create but you also get to hang out with colleagues on their journey. They will also get guidance and input from Jane and the team, a bit like having access to your own coach! 


A Place to Practice: Looking after our wellbeing takes practice, and it is our belief that it involves having a practice. Learning The R.E.S.T. Practice is a bit like learning yoga because it has some repetitive 'moves' that need to be learnt. Once mastered however creative journaling becomes a practice that will meet any challenge that life throws at your employees. 


A Place to Restore: Creative journaling enables employees to restore overworked nervous systems and bringing tired minds and bodies back to life. It helps build the inner resilience needed when the going gets tough, re-kindling energy when it dwindles with the demands of purpose driven work.

If you would like to explore how this initiative might work in your organisation I would love to chat it over.

You can email me by clicking the link below.