1. The Outer Layer


The outer layer of the map details the main aspects of your personality type and shows you the specific values around which this is built. The aim of working with this layer of the map is to recognise these personality traits and consider how they have become a trap, giving you a mask to hide behind and limiting your ability to live all that you are.

2. The Second Layers


The second layer of the map is subdivided into two. The outermost layer shows the beliefs you hold about yourself. These beliefs justify your behaviours and are very deeply held. The innermost layer shows the typical self-doubts you have that rob you of your freedom. The aim of working with this layer of the map is to explore your thinking and understand how it has resulted in patterns of closure, denying you the freedom that you seek. 

3. The Third Layer


The third layer of the map shows the primary needs of all types (acknowledgement, attention, and assurance). The aim of working with this layer of the map is to surface your individual needs, trapped emotions and hidden fears so that you are no longer held back and enslaved by them. 

4. The Centre Space


The fourth layer, or centre space, of the map, represents your true self, your soul signature. The aim of working with this layer of the map is to connect and liberate your true self, so that it becomes the starting point for all that you do, transforming all that limits you and bringing you the freedom to live all that you are.

The My Map Method


The My Map Method combines psychological understanding with inner work to practice freedom in all aspects of life. Each map is unique and its layers reveal patterns of acting, thinking and feeling that stop you from living life to the fullest. The first step of the My Map Method is to understand each of these layers.

The second step is to learn how to journey with your map to navigate the territory of your life. This practice is called the R.E.S.T. Process. 

The R.E.S.T. Process

Recognise what’s going on

Recognising means consciously using your map to acknowledge, in any given moment, the thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that are affecting you. The first step to awakening from your habitual patterns is simply to recognize that you are stuck in them and each visit to your map will point you to something different. It could be the voice of your inner critic, feelings of shame or fear, a habitual pattern of behaviour or a constricting belief. 

Explore the experience just as it is

Explore means letting the thoughts, emotions, feelings, or sensations you have recognised simply be there, without trying to fix, fade or avoid anything. This requires you to bring loving awareness to what is happening. Many coaching clients and students try to reject, analyse or otherwise interfere with their experience. This step is simply about letting it be.


Surface the deeper emotion, fear or need

Once you have recognised and allowed what is arising, you can deepen your attention through surfacing the deeper emotion fear or need. To surface the deeper emotion, call on your natural curiosity – the desire to know truth – and direct a more focused attention to your present experience. You might ask yourself: What do I really need here? What is the deeper fear that is sitting underneath all this activity? When surfacing needs, fears or emotions it is essential to approach your experience with loving awareness. This attitude of loving awareness helps create a sufficient sense of safety, making it possible to honestly connect with your hurts, fears, and shame.


Transform with presence and connection with true self

Transformation naturally arises in the moments that you are able to sit with your deeper wounds, fears, and emotions. It comes as you intentionally bring presence to the wounded, frightened or hurting place inside yourself. As you practice the R.E.S.T. Process you will find that the precise essential quality needed to address your challenges arises within you. For example, sometimes you will sense the essential quality of trust, sometimes love, sometimes joy and sometimes peace. No matter what personality type you are, you have access to all the essential qualities. When an essential quality arises it is important to recognise this as your true self and rest in that wakeful, tender space of awareness.

Practicing freedom is realising that you are no longer imprisoned in the trance of your day to day patterns of acting, feeling or thinking. Give yourself the gift of becoming familiar with the truth and natural freedom of your being; it is mysterious and precious!


You move through the R.E.S.T. Process with your map, moving from the outside edges into the centre.

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