The Blue

Loyal Guardian

You value safety and security above all else, and you can be wary and cautious one minute and rebellious and courageous the next. You possess an endearing childlike reactivity and often take the position of the Devil’s advocate. Depending on the situation, you can be friendly and outgoing or reserved and sceptical. Because you want to be safe and secure you put your faith in a trusted authority, belief system or tradition. To determine if someone is trustworthy, you watch for and question any discrepancy you observe. Once someone passes the testing process you become deeply committed and a most loyal friend.

Here is your Map to Freedom...

What does your map show you?


Each 'layer' of your map describes a separate aspect of you as a Blue Loyal Guardian.


  • The outer layer shows your personality traits.

  • The second layer (sub-divided into two) shows your thoughts and beliefs.

  • The third layer (mostly blank space) shows your basic needs.

  • The centre space shows the quality at the core of you. In the case of the Blue Loyal Guardian. that quality is Trust. 


Your map is a physical printed map that you can hold in your hands. It works in a similar way to a traditional map, acting as a visual guide revealing your inner landscape. It's aim is simple, to guide you back to the peace and aliveness of your true self.

How does it work?

My Map to Freedom is a visual container that holds all that you are, it works by allowing you to explore and transform your understanding of who you are and the specific ways you rob yourself of inner freedom. Schools of personal development around the world are united in stressing the importance of self-awareness on the journey to inner freedom. My Map to Freedom provides you with a simple tool combined with a mindful inquiry process called 'The My Map Method' to be able to do this more easily. 

Your journey to inner freedom 

As a Blue Loyal Guardian, the reason you find inner freedom so hard to find is due to the ways you ensure you remain secure, and your fear that you will not be able to support yourself. 

This insecurity leads to a heavy reliance on structures, systems, and traditions. While seeking the security of an external system or authority for guidance, you are at the same time suspicious of that authority. You worry that the source of your support will abandon you. This manifests in generalised paranoia, suspicion, and scepticism. Lack of faith in your own authority can cause you to overly submit to or challenge others. 

You are highly motivated to avoid disappointing friends or authority figures and may find yourself proceeding with so much caution that progress is too slow or ineffective. 

Afraid of fear, submission, and cowardice, you vacillate between loyalty and rebelliousness by puffing up and backing down. You fear anything unproven or radical. Your greatest fear, however, is of being alone and unprotected. Your vice is fear. This manifests as an excessive judgement and playing the Devil’s advocate. When you are afraid, you doubt your own authority and can become provocative and undermining. Your judgement and fear can keep you from taking action and make it hard for you to trust yourself and others.

The journey to inner freedom means recognising and transforming these patterns of behaving, thinking and feeling so you find more space to be you! So that you can get back to who you were before the world got its hands on you!

What difference will the map make to my life?

In your relationships


It will set you free from the ways you typically close off and defend when around others and grow your capacity to respond from a place intimacy and realness. It offers a simple method of understanding why you do the things you do in the context of real relationship challenges.

In your work

It will set you free to be more and bring more of who you are into the work you do. Your map equips you with the tools to achieve the self-awareness you need to work be the authentic you in the work you have chosen to do. It will help you understand the ways you interact with others and smooth the way to more harmonious working relationships. 

In your wellbeing


It will set you from the ways you typically react under stress. It will clearly show you the everyday patterns of behaviour that create stress and offer a simple method of inquiry that allows you to mindfully learn to respond to life stress rather than 'act out' in your usual stressful ways. 

In your sense of purpose


It will set you free from the endless search for meaning and purpose in your life. Your map points you to who you are and why you are here. It also provides a practice that enables you to feel fully alive no matter what the circumstances, a practice that uses everyday challenges to bring you back to the real you.

What does inner freedom feel like for a Blue Loyal Guardian?

By using your map you will be able to reconnect with the trust at the core of who you are, this will mean that you will be able to naturally feel more:


  • Trusting - as you soften your usual desire to be sceptical and doubting of other people.

  • Fulfilled - as you learn to express your own needs and fears without resorting to attacking those closest to you.

  • Autonomy - as you trust your own judgement rather than seeking other peoples guidance.

  • Grounded - as you develop a greater sense of your own self-worth.

  • Courageous - as you feel less fearful when you are unsupported.

  • Secure - as you rely less on structures and systems to feel safe and secure.

  • Alive - as you live more fully in the moment rather than scanning the environment for danger or things that could go wrong.

  • Peaceful - as you let go of the need to play devil's advocate.

Try it out...

Below is a short guide on how to use your map. Inside it contains a fuller description of who you are, a brief introduction on how to use the map in your daily life and a copy of your map. Once you have looked at the guide you might like to try the guided meditation, you will need your map open in front of you, so we suggest you keep the guide open on your laptop.

Download your free map & guide for the Blue Loyal Guardian

Once you have had sight of your map you might also like to try a free guided meditation...

Free Guided Meditation - Jane Douglas
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My Map to Freedom Box Set


This box set comes with a full scale (40cm x 40cm) foldable map of your personality type and a copy of the book 'How to Live Unleashed & Alive' by Jane Douglas.

The box set is perfect for you if you want to live a more fulfilling life, are working with the Enneagram, want to learn how to live in the now or are a coach or other helping practitioner working with others. By using the book and your very own map together, you will be able to see the specific ways your personality type behaves, thinks and feels, showing you with startling clarity how your personality traits, thoughts and emotions rob you of a deep and meaningful connection with your true self. 


This book has been written for you if you are:

  • Tired and stressed with your daily life

  • Unfulfilled in your work

  • Closed off in your relationships

  • Trapped in self-destructive behaviours

  • Empty and disengaged with life

  • Frightened to be or show who you really are

  • Dissatisfied with life in general

  • Struggling to stay present, in the now

  • Looking for a way to live the wisdom of the Enneagram

  • A coach wanting a map not only to your client’s solutions, but also to deepen your coaching presence

What next...

Now that you have sampled My Map to Freedom, your next step depends on what you want to achieve.


Choice One - you can own a 40cm x40cm print of your map as a piece of Wall Art. This not only decorates a space it also acts as a daily reminder of all that you are and deepens your self awareness. We have four home friendly versions of your map to choose from, see those here.




Choice Two -  you can use your map to do the work of getting you back to the peace and aliveness of your true self. Those who wish to use the map to do the liberating work of inner freedom are advised to buy the My Map to Freedom Box Set which explains how to use the map as a guide on this most life changing of adventures! Details of the book are below.

Choice Three - you can use it to help others. My Map to Freedom is widely used by coaches and helping professionals to help their clients deeper their self-awareness and to assist them in getting back to their real self. Discover more here.

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