The R.E.S.T. Practice  

The Creative Route to Inner Peace


with Jane Douglas 

The purpose of The R.E.S.T. Practice is for you to learn a creative practice where you connect with the inner peace that is yours when you live your life in full connection with all that you are.

This dynamic practice leads you through a process of awareness, exploration, healing, and transformation and works by combining guided mindful inquiry questions with simple creative journaling techniques.

This practice elegantly and joyfully opens the doors within so that you can learn to live your life from a place of peace, authenticity, truth and wholeness, increasing your wellbeing and personal and spiritual growth.


“One of the most profound ways you can feel a greater sense of peace, growth and wellbeing is when you bring awareness to who you are at the deepest level.” 


There are many ways to describe this who you are -  your authentic self, your true nature, your real self, your soul.....we call it your true self. Whatever you call this deepest aspect of yourself, you will know it as the unmistakable feeling of ‘getting back to who you are’.


Your true self is that part of you that is ever-consistent, ever-present to you, but your awareness of it is drowned out by the noise of the world. This is not an easy world to live in. It is one filled with chaos and vague rules and finding the space to shut out the noise can be challenging. But finding this space is crucial because getting back to who you are, connecting with your true self is essential to your wellbeing, living a life of fulfilment and your personal and spiritual growth.  


“You grow and thrive when you get back to who you are and disintegrate when you walk away”


If you are going to grow and thrive, then you need to be able to quieten the noise of the world and a practice that allows you to open up a space in which you can be without judgment, a space in which you can slow down enough to ask the questions that continually illuminate your path is vital. It is only when you are able to create such a space that you can deepen the conversations you have with yourself and through this intimate dialogue, dig more carefully into the hidden resources of your true self.


The R.E.S.T Practice blends a mindful inquiry process with creative journaling techniques to bring you a simple to learn practice that will enable you to create this space and find your way home to inner peace no matter what your external circumstances. 

What is The R.E.S.T. Practice? 


The R.E.S.T. Practice is a four-step journaling practice based on mindful inquiry that uses creative journaling techniques and specific powerful questions to guide you into a space where you will be able to connect and enter into intimate conversation with your true self. 



This first stage of the R.E.S.T. Practice involves identifying something that is bothering you. Something that has been cropping up in your day-to-day life. The first step to connecting with your true self is to recognise the ways you are blocking access to it! Our special crib sheet will help you with this.



The Explore stage of the practice is about mindfully exploring how this is affecting you. Our guided questions will help you do this.



The Surrender stage of the practice involves letting any thoughts, emotions, feelings, or sensations simply be there, without trying to fix, fade or avoid anything. Here you will be encouraged to let your feelings and sensations be as big as they want to be.



The Transform stage of the R.E.S.T. Practice is all about listening to the inner stillness at the core of your being and hearing the messages that lie there. Our wonderful booklet of 'words and images' will guide you.

The R.E.S.T. Practice in Action 


And as for the Creative Journaling Package itself...

When I created this package I wanted it to be like a gift that you would choose to give to yourself. So as well as being a developmental practice that leads to inner freedom, peace and happiness, it is also something beautiful to unwrap. 


For just £37.00 plus p&p, you will get everything you need - a mix of actual and virtual products so you that can start your journaling practice journey as soon as you unwrap your package! 

You will get:

  • Your very own kraft card creative art journal containing:

  • A crib sheet that shows you the four steps of The R.E.S.T. Practice

  • 30 double-sided sheets of good quality card stock

    • 15 black sheets

    • 15 white sheets

  • A booklet of 20 stunning tissue paper images and 40 tissue paper ‘soul messages’ to collage              into your journal


  • Your very own starter kit of materials designed to get you up and running right away containing:

    • Four acrylic paint pens, One Black, White, Silver and Gold

    • A bottle of PVA glue

    • A glue spreader

    • A tube of white acrylic paint

    • A foam brush

  • A 34-page booklet walking you step by step through The R.E.S.T. Practice

  • A webpage link to a series of videos to support your learning journey

  • Life-time membership of a closed Facebook community which gives you access to:

    • Weekly demonstrations of creative techniques 

    • A place to share your work

    • A place to get support and inspiration from others on the same journey

    • Inspirational blogs to deepen understanding of your practice

The Power of Creativity

It is my profound belief that creativity is a powerful vehicle for transformation, growth, wellbeing and inner freedom and whether or not you consider yourself to be creative, this journey will guide you step by step using simple techniques that can be mastered by anyone. Many of the participants who are on this journey would not consider themselves to be creative, many have not picked up art materials since school, yet they are constantly surprised and delighted not only by what they produce but also the power of creativity itself to open the doors within. Read more about the power of creativity by clicking here.


About Jane 


Jane Douglas is the published author of How to Live Unleashed and Alive -  a deeply insightful and informative book about how to live your life fully by finding your way back to the you that you were before the world got its hands on you. Click here to learn more about Jane.