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As a White Perfectionist, you value perfection above all else. You are a true visionary with the ability to see what others cannot, and the self-discipline required to put in the hard work necessary to make things happen for your clients. Your integrity and wisdom can bring clarity and guidance to a confused world and you can be fearless when acting in the interests of improving life for others. You are not afraid to act according to your strong convictions, even if your actions go against what others believe. You have a special gift for teaching, enjoy helping people to learn and improve and you want to be accurate, thorough, fair and objective. These traits mean that you are already good at what you do, but this journey is about you stepping up and being fully visible in the world.

Below is your map for the journey...

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How does my map work?

Your map is a visual device that enables you to recognise and relax the ways you avoid being visible so you can step out as an authentic presence in the world. 

The outer layers of your map show how your inborn personality traits have become conditioned and fear driven ways of avoiding showing up in the world. The centre of your map points a specific quality that describes who you are beyond your fear based conditioning. In the case of the White Perfectionist who you are beyond your conditioning is described as the quality of Wholeness.

Learning to use your map enables you to heal and transform your patterns of closure and defence and re-connect you with the 'real' you at the centre of the map. 

Please click on the image of your map to save it to your desktop.

Your journey to being visible

As a White Perfectionist, you avoid being seen and limit your visibility when you feel that you may be doing anything imperfectly, or that you may be making a mistake. You want to know what is considered appropriate and you tend to do things by the book. Continuously striving for self-improvement, you expect others to do the same. You need to know what is expected of you so that you can act accordingly and so that you can excel. You have a strong internal critic that constantly reminds you of what you should and shouldn’t do. You always act in accordance with your high standards and moral self-justifications. You prefer what is practical, grounded and stable and avoid appearing silly or frivolous to others. Your tendencies toward perfectionism mean you can become obsessive, self-critical and cause yourself a great deal of inner anxiety and unnecessary stress, particularly when you become obsessed with detail which can bring the added problem of losing sight of your goal.

In relation to your work in the world, this means that you:


  • Find it difficult to start your work in the world because you fear getting things wrong.

  • Tend to be risk-averse.

  • Perfect things and then perfect things and then perfect things again!

  • Struggle to feel good enough with an overactive inner critic.

  • Take your work too seriously.

  • Set incredibly high standards for yourself and those who work alongside you.

In your one to one work this could mean that you often find yourself:


  • ​Overthinking things.

  • Worrying about doing things the right way.

  • Being self-critical if things are not going well, or just being self-critical.

  • Judging your clients for not making progress in line with your standards.

  • Overstretching your clients.

  • Repressing your feelings about the coaching relationship.

  • Becoming overly critical. 

Coming out of hiding means having a practice that enables you to recognise these patterns of behaving, thinking and feeling in the moment and transform them by connecting with your true self. Coming out of hiding is a moment to moment commitment.

How will using my map help?

When you use your map as a practice you naturally…

  • Relax the need to get things absolutely 'right' in order to move your work and your clients forward.

  • Soften your tendency to set unrealistic standards for yourself (and your clients.) 

  • Loosen your grip on your harsh self-judgements about your performance as a coach. 

  • Accept where you and your clients are on their journey.

  • Feel a profound serenity throughout your whole body while you do your work.

  • Free yourself from excessive thought and analysis about your work and in your coaching sessions. 

  • Develop more ease and flow in your life and in your sessions. 

  • Act intuitively and from the heart knowing exactly what is needed in the moment. 

  • Open up and allow yourself to be seen by your clients. 

  • Connect deeply with your clients so your presence does the heavy lifting of transformation.

Your next step...

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Offerings for when you know us better!

 "The My Map to Freedom Box set" is a book and full-scale copy of your map 

This box set contains a copy of the book 'How to Live Unleashed and Alive' by Jane Douglas and a full-scale full-colour copy of your map! 

"The Visible Coach' is our bi-annual two-day workshop  

This workshop has been designed specifically for experienced coaches or helping professionals who are being called to step out into the world and share who they are or are being called do deeper work with their clients but don't know how to do it. It will teach you how to use the map on your own journey to becoming a visible coach PLUS it will teach you the basics of how to use the map with your clients.

 "The My Map Experience" is a one to one coaching journey 

This intensive face to face coaching experience has been designed for coaches and helping professionals who wish to take a deep dive into the work of becoming visible in the world and for 'seekers' who are looking for the next step on their spiritual journey.

Become a Certified My Map Practitioner 

This programme equips you with all the skills and resources you need to deliver 'The My Map Experience' to your clients. This is for helping professionals who wish to make My Map to Freedom a substantial part of the work they do with their clients.