The Teal


As a Teal Peacemaker, you value inner peace above all else and want to be agreeable, peaceful, natural and comfortable. You value being calm, and if possible like to avoid conflict. Your clients see you as accepting, unassuming and laid-back. Considerate and gentle, you make clients feel comfortable and at ease. You are very accepting and readily empathise with clients, which means your company is often sought after. As the strong, silent type, you have the power of patience, persistence, and resistance, seeing yourself as having stamina and taking pride in your ability to endure. These traits make you great at what you do, but this journey is about you stepping up, and being fully visible, in the world.

Below is your map for the journey.

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How does my map work?

Your map is a visual device that enables you to recognise and relax the ways you avoid being visible so you can step out as an authentic presence in the world. 

The outer layers of your map show how your inborn personality traits have become conditioned and fear driven ways of avoiding showing up in the world. The centre of your map points a specific quality that describes who you are beyond your fear based conditioning. In the case of the Teal Peacemaker who you are beyond your conditioning is described as the quality of Peace.

Learning to use your map enables you to heal and transform your patterns of closure and defence and re-connect you with the 'real' you at the centre of the map. 

Please click on the image of your map to save it to your desktop.

Your journey to being visible

As a Teal Peacemaker, you avoid being visible and hide at any time you feel uncomfortable or at the threat of conflict. Your journey to being visible is wrapped around your desire to keep life comfortable and your resistance to being affected by life. This fear means you don’t want to be drawn into conflict or inner turbulence and avoid being pressured to react. Self-forgetting by nature, you repress your anger and neglect your needs in order to avoid the discomfort that comes with conflict. Retreating to your inner sanctum you may lose yourself in life’s simple pleasures, the needs of others, or the basic task of living. At the heart of your self-forgetting is a resistance to being deeply affected by life. You do not make effort in making contact with yourself or the world and you diffuse your awareness so that the full impact of reality does not touch you. Being shut down, overlooked and not included by others are among your greatest fears. Because of this fear, you would rather merge into someone else than run the risk of alienating others.


The average Teal Peacemaker sees themselves as nobody special, the modest person who stays in the background so as not to cause any inconvenience. At their core, they feel that their presence, options, and involvement do not really matter and are of no particular consequence.

In terms of becoming visible in the world, you sabotage your efforts by:


  • Fearing you will get overwhelmed and not have the capacity to do what is required.  

  • Blending into the background and not wanting to be seen.

  • Being unwilling to share your own human struggles with the world.

  • Believing you are not good enough to do this work.

  • Retreating into your inner sanctum.

  • Passive aggressively refusing help.

  • Telling yourself you are 'nobody special' and asking yourself ‘Who am I to do the deeper work that is calling me?’

  • Believing your presence in the world doesn’t matter and will not make a difference. 

When working one to one, this could mean that you often find yourself:

  • Numbing yourself against strong feelings that your clients may be experiencing.

  • Being slow to suggest or take direct action with your clients.

  • Avoiding telling the truth about your client's issues for fear of upset.

  • Making light of clients' issues.

  • Being insufficiently challenging.

  • Losing yourself in your clients' stories.

  • Becoming frightened of going too deep with clients.

Your journey to getting visible is a moment to moment commitment to learning to feel life, to know that your presence does matter and to come out of hiding and share who you are.

How will using my map help?

By learning to use your map as a practice you will naturally feel more:


  • Visible - as you overcome your usual desire to disappear in the world and your tendency to merge with your clients.

  • Fulfilled - as you learn to willingly 'show up' and share more of who you are in the world and with your clients. 

  • Authentic - as you naturally stand your ground and speak your truth.

  • Valued - as you come to know that your presence not only matters with clients but is essential for the world.

  • Alive - as you learn to take real action in the world with your coaching business rather than living in your imagination.

  • Present - as you live more fully in the moment and enjoy being 'out there' rather than deferring to your tendency to hide and numb your life.

  • Courageous - as you learn to lean into your own fears and the fears of your clients.

Offerings for when you know us better!

 "The My Map to Freedom Box set" is a book and full-scale copy of your map 

This box set contains a copy of the book 'How to Live Unleashed and Alive' by Jane Douglas and a full-scale full-colour copy of your map!

"The Visible Coach' is our bi-annual two-day workshop  

This workshop has been designed specifically for experienced coaches or helping professionals who are being called to step out into the world and share who they are or are being called do deeper work with their clients but don't know how to do it. It will teach you how to use the map on your own journey to becoming a visible coach PLUS it will teach you the basics of how to use the map with your clients.

 "The My Map Experience" is a one to one coaching journey 

This intensive face to face coaching experience has been designed for coaches and helping professionals who wish to take a deep dive into the work of becoming visible in the world and for 'seekers' who are looking for the next step on their spiritual journey.

Become a Certified My Map Practitioner 

This programme equips you with all the skills and resources you need to deliver 'The My Map Experience' to your clients. This is for helping professionals who wish to make My Map to Freedom a substantial part of the work they do with their clients. 

Your next step...

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