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As a Green Investigator, you value knowledge and competence above all else.  You are superb at playing the role of detached observer or investigator and as such are very good at holding up a mirror to your clients or asking the really insightful question. You want to be intelligent, informed, knowledgeable and perceptive. You are intellectual, dispassionate and investigative which means you can support your clients without getting too involved in their emotional worlds. All this means you are good at what you do but this journey is about stepping up to the next level and becoming visible in the world.

Below is your map for the journey.

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How does my map work?

Your map is a visual device that enables you to recognise and relax the ways you avoid being visible so you can step out as an authentic presence in the world. 

The outer layers of your map show how your inborn personality traits have become conditioned and fear driven ways of avoiding showing up in the world. The centre of your map points a specific quality that describes who you are beyond your fear based conditioning. In the case of the Green Investigator who you are beyond your conditioning is described as the quality of Wisdom.

Learning to use your map enables you to heal and transform your patterns of closure and defence and re-connect you with the 'real' you at the centre of the map. 

Please click on the image of your map to save it to your desktop.

Your journey to becoming visible

As a Green Investigator, you avoid being visible and don your mask any time you feel as though you 'don't know.' Your journey to becoming visible is related to your desire to be knowledgeable at all times. You defend yourself when you feel that you lack intellect and are ignorant of something. You become withdrawn, isolated and secretive. Avoiding the glaring light of scrutiny, you are private and introspective and avoid standing out and/or being misinterpreted. This can lead to others, even your clients,  thinking of you as anti-social, secretive, remote and detached. Your comfort in mental pursuits makes it hard for you to turn your thoughts into constructive action and to participate in the physical world. Feeling that too much will be demanded of you, or that you will be powerless to act in the world in its current state, you strive for separation from the world and self-sufficiency in your life. You practice minimising your physical and emotional needs and learn to become quite stingy, unemotional, and you purposely distance yourself from essential resources and nurturing. You need others not to place high demands on your time or energy as you need time alone to recharge. It is essential to your well-being that your mind is clear, your life uncluttered, and that you have the ability to control your time.

In relation to your work in the world, this means that you:

  • Tend to hide away when things get emotional.

  • Can overthink things, often thinking yourself into paralysis.

  • Feel powerless when too much is demanded of you.

  • Distance yourself from those who could help and support you.

  • Can become 'head' based, rather than 'heart' based in your message.

  • Over manage your time and limit your potential.


In your one to one work this could mean that you often find yourself:

  • 'Fixing' your client's problems.

  • Avoiding using your intuition in coaching sessions preferring to use your intellectual knowledge to find solutions for your clients.

  • Overwhelmed by strong feelings that may crop up in sessions.

  • Withdrawing and keeping an emotional distance from your clients which can make you appear unreachable.

  • Becoming arrogant and controlling.

  • Overly managing and restricting your time and commitment to your clients.

  • Minimising the importance of and avoiding the emotional aspects of your client's issues. 

The journey to getting visible is a moment to moment commitment to recognising and transforming these patterns of behaving, thinking and feeling so you find the space to get back to the Wisdom at the core of who you are.

How can my map help?

Learning to use your map as a practice will mean that you naturally feel more:


  • Fulfilled - as you overcome your usual desire to withdraw from the world and allow for a wider range of emotions and express more of your thoughts and feelings with your clients.

  • Grounded - as you learn to use and trust your intuition with your message and within sessions.

  • Relaxed - as you let go of your fear of overwhelm and stop over-managing your time and commitment to your clients.

  • Real - as you take real action in the real world, with your clients, and with your coaching business.

  • Present - as you connect with clients rather than keeping them and others at a safe emotional distance.

  • Courageous - as you feel into your fears about getting things wrong rather than rationalising them away.

  • Present - as you live more fully in the moment with your work, so you enjoy it! 

  • Secure - as you let go of the need to know everything before you can feel safe and step out.

Offerings for when you know us better!

 "The My Map to Freedom Box set" is a book and full-scale copy of your map 

This box set contains a copy of the book 'How to Live Unleashed and Alive' by Jane Douglas and a full-scale full-colour copy of your map!

"The Visible Coach' is our bi-annual two-day workshop  

This workshop has been designed specifically for experienced coaches or helping professionals who are being called to step out into the world and share who they are or are being called do deeper work with their clients but don't know how to do it. It will teach you how to use the map on your own journey to becoming a visible coach PLUS it will teach you the basics of how to use the map with your clients.

 "The My Map Experience" is a one to one coaching journey 

This intensive face to face coaching experience has been designed for coaches and helping professionals who wish to take a deep dive into the work of becoming visible in the world and for 'seekers' who are looking for the next step on their spiritual journey.

Become a Certified My Map Practitioner 

This programme equips you with all the skills and resources you need to deliver 'The My Map Experience' to your clients. This is for helping professionals who wish to make My Map to Freedom a substantial part of the work they do with their clients. 

Your next step...

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