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As a Green Investigator, you value knowledge and competence above all else.  You are superb at playing the role of detached observer or investigator and as such are very good at holding up a mirror to your clients or asking the really insightful question. You want to be intelligent, informed, knowledgeable and perceptive. You are intellectual, dispassionate and investigative which means you can support your clients without getting too involved in their emotional worlds.

If this sounds like you then congratulations you have found your map, it is below, please click on the thumbnail image to reveal a full screen sized version. If you are not sure, either read the fuller description in the short guide below or return to the quiz. Welcome to My Map to Freedom!

Click on the image of the map below to reveal a screen sized version. Please save it to your desktop so you can refer to it as you read your guide. The short guide explains more about your map and the specific ways that you hide from the world. Click on the image of the guide to open it.

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Why not join in?

There are a growing number of coaches, helping professionals, thought leaders and those who simply want to show up and do big work in the world who are using their maps every day so just click the Facebook icon below and join us by liking and following our Facebook page. There you will find:

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all intended to support you in coming out of hiding, showing up and being visible in the world so that you can get your message out and live your calling.  

This is a developing resource and is where we would love your comments and discussion, questions and thoughts and where we will also be sharing offers that will help you as your journey progresses.


All the resources on this page are free so you have nothing to lose and I would be honoured to serve you in your quest to come out of hiding! 

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