The Teal


The Teal Peacemaker values inner peace above all else and wants to be agreeable, peaceful, natural and comfortable. They value being calm, and if possible like to avoid conflict. They see themselves as accepting, unassuming and laid-back. Considerate and gentle, they make people feel comfortable and at ease. They are very accepting and readily empathise with others, which means their company is often sought after. It is easy for them to lose yourself in daydreaming, the needs of others or the basic task of living, and so they may never go after what you truly want. As the strong, silent type, they have the power of patience, persistence, and resistance, seeing themselves as having stamina and taking pride in their ability to endure.

Your unique journey

If the thumbnail description above seems describes you then well done you have found your map for your ongoing journey.  If you feel as thought this does not describe you like you then please go back to the questionnaire and have another go. Take as many goes as you need to find your map. If you are still struggling we suggest you co-opt a friend to help, often our friends can see things we can't! 


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