"my map to being Visible"

visible in the world : visible to those you serve


What is my map to being visible about?

As self-employed coaches, teachers and helping professionals you all share one thing, you feel 'called' to do work that serves humanity. You are rightly told that to grow our business and attract our tribe you need to market yourself. You are told to make films, share your stories, be authentic, communicate your message on social platforms. You are told to get out there! The chances are you will spend a fortune seeking all sorts of marketing advice believing this is what you need to do first, that this what you have to master to live your calling. Chance are you will have spent years getting nowhere fast.




Because you are starting in the wrong place. Sure, you need marketing skills and expertise but that is not your first step on the journey to living a calling. Your first step is inner work, deep inner work. Stepping out into the world is an act of intense bravery that requires you to move from behind your conditioned patterns of defence and closure and show up. This is a spiritual quest, a journey of inner healing. In my personal experience of training thousands of coaches, many don’t move forward not because of a lack of marketing knowledge but because they are too frightened of putting themselves out there, putting themselves up for scrutiny, terrified of sharing themselves. Why? Because their 'not good enough' stories are still running the show. I know this, because this was (and at times still is) me.


Learning to show up in an authentic way is about vulnerability and this is incredibly scary. There is a direct relationship between your willingness and readiness to come out of hiding and the amount of transformation and healing you have to do first.


"Becoming visible requires you to drop your conditioned ways of hiding and show up. It is a human act of immense bravery and vulnerability that requires you to stay in full contact with the deepest aspect of who you are."


My Map to Freedom is first and foremost a method for learning how to drop your conditioned ways of hiding. When used as a practice it enables you to show up as an authentic presence in the world. By making the invisible visible the maps enable you to make visible what is holding you back so that you can show up in the world knowing and trusting who you really are.

The journey to becoming a visible is unique to you.

Everyone knows that our personality type determines the ways we act, think and to some extent feel, but what is less commonly known is that our personality type also shapes the way we hide our true self from the world. 

Your personality traits are in fact well-conditioned patterns of behaviour that keep you safe and hidden in an overwhelming world. When you don the armour of your personality traits you are hiding, acting out of fear and playing out a much smaller version of who are.  


You do not have to spend years of struggle before you awaken to the truth of who you really are, you are entitled to allow flow and freedom into your life now. This is your choice. But if you are to allow yourself to come out of hiding you must first learn how to recognise what is blocking you. Your map will help you uncover your default and invisible operating systems that are secretly running the show. When you use your map as a daily practice you will finally comprehend the devastating impact that your conditioned and egoic ways of being have on your capacity to get your work out into the world. Once you bring what is hidden into your awareness you will find the courage to step out and step up.

There are nine maps one for each personality type and one of them is yours. Your map is a visual device that when used as a practice enables you to recognise and relax the unconscious ways you block yourself from showing up in the world. It also enables you to become visible in the world and visible to those you serve.

If you are ready to find your map to becoming visible, follow steps one and two below. Not only will you get to download a sample copy of YOUR map but you will also discover the unique ways that you unconsciously hide your true self from the world...let the adventure begin!

Step one  

Choose one of the following statements that best applies to you ... 

A, B or C



I feel at my best when... I retreat into my inner world, withdraw from others and think things through


I feel at my best when... I work hard, serve others and do what should be done


 I feel at my best when... I put myself out there, fix problems, and make things happen

Again, choose one of the following statements below, either 1, 2 or 3


Others would say that I react to life's struggles by... remaining objective and that I tend to detach from issues in order to find a logical plan


Others would say that I react to life's struggles by... being optimistic and that I tend to push issues aside in order to move forward


Others would say that I react to life's struggles by... being assertive and that I tend to escalate issues in order to bring about direct action



Step Two


Combine both answers from the above and read the brief descriptions below, if it broadly describes you then click read more button to confirm your choice and download your map. Please read more than one if you are in doubt.

The Green Investigator 

Values Knowledge | Avoids Ignorance

Perceptive, Innovative, Knowledgeable and Isolated


The Teal Peacemaker 

Values Peace | Avoids Conflict

Receptive, Reassuring, Agreeable and Complacent


The Purple Individualist 

Values Uniqueness | Avoids Conformity

Expressive, Dramatic, Unique and Temperamental


The White Perfectionist

Values Perfection | Avoids Mistakes

Principled, Rational, Purposeful and Perfectionistic


The Orange Helper 

Values being Lovable | Avoids being Unlovable

Caring, Demonstrative, Generous and People Pleasing


The Blue Loyal Guardian 

Values being Secure | Avoids being Insecure

Engaging, Responsible, Steadfast and Anxious


The Gold Achiever 

Values Success | Avoids Failure

Excelling, Driven, Focussed and Image-Conscious


The Yellow Enthusiast 

Values Happiness | Avoids Unhappiness

Spontaneous, Versatile, Joyful and Scattered


The Red Challenger 

Values Strength | Avoids Weakness

Self-Confident, Decisive, Wilful and Confrontational