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Crossing the Void.

Hello and welcome to the second stage of your journey, this page is your little corner of the internet that contains videos to support you on your creative journaling journey. 
















Welcome welcome welcome to this fourth chapter in your Unleashed Soul adventure.


In this chapter we are going to get to the heart of it all. Here we are going to understand why we have adopted the pattens of closure and defence we have been exploring so far on our soul map. Here we are going to see it all. Clearly.


This chapter is called Crossing the Void because this is not an easy journey to take and many of you may not take it right away and some may not even take it all. Why? Well honestly, it can feel too scary. 


You will have noticed by now that there are levels and depths to the this work you have chosen to do, as much as there are not levels and depths. You may already sense the amount of self-discipline and love that it has taken, at the same time some ways that it has also been effortless. 


For many this may be the first time you've ever really looked within yourself. It is like the doctor that comes into the room who can finally diagnose you with a broken leg after years of not knowing what was wrong. Now that you can see that the leg is broken, the bone must be set, and healing must begin.


Healing is the theme of this chapter. Healing what is old and no longer useful to you.


It may sound ridiculous, but we have to make a choice to heal. If we don't, the broken bones in our lives won't heal. For many people, life is okay enough to make healing look like a bad thing. ‘Sure’ they say, ‘my partner is abusive; my job is crappy; but everything else is good.’ Until you are ready to make a commitment to seeing from another vantage point, you can't see much. But heal you must if you are going to live a life of freedom and inner peace, if you are going to feel the rapture of being alive. 

Welcome to this inner dive into your map.

You are most welcome to this next exciting step.



The videos on this page have been designed to support and enhance the practices detailed in your Power of Thought Guide. 


Just a reminder that in the private Facebook group, you can ask me questions, share your work and get inspiration for your ongoing practice. I regularly share videos of my journaling experience, plus every Thursday I post videos on journaling techniques! This is the place you can come to connect and belong, and it is my deepest wish is that this practice sustains you not only through the coming months but for the rest of your life.

I am so honoured you have chosen to continue on with this journey, and I promise I will do my best not to let you down.

With much love,




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Crossing the Void

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Using your large Journal Pages - Mixed Media

Using your large journal pages - Single and Mixed Media