The White

Perfectionist Wall Art

The White Perfectionist values perfection above all else. They are true visionaries with the ability to see what others cannot, and the self-discipline required to put in the hard work necessary to make things happen. Their integrity and wisdom can bring clarity and guidance to a confused world and they can be fearless when acting in the interests of improving life for others. They are not afraid to act according to their strong convictions, even if their actions go against what others believe. They have a special gift for teaching, enjoy helping people to learn and improve and they want to be accurate, thorough, fair and objective.


What does a Soul Map show you?


Each 'layer' of the map describes a separate aspect of the White Perfectionist. 


  • The outer layer shows their personality traits.

  • The second layer (sub-divided into two) shows their thoughts and beliefs.

  • The third layer (mostly blank space) shows their basic needs.

  • The centre space shows who the White Perfectionist is at their core. We call this the soul signature of their type. In the case of the White Perfectionist, their soul signature is Wholeness.

(This image is part of the 'original' collection.)

The Wall Art Collection


There are four styles of Wall Art for you to choose from:


  • Chalk Board - Slate grey with a chalkboard textured background.

  • Neutral - Plain pale grey with no texture.

  • Original - Photographic images on the outer layer of the map.

  • Block Colour - Grey tones on each layer of the map.


Each is printed on 250gm Art Paper and is designed to fit a 16inch x 16inch frame. (It arrives slightly larger than 16 x 16 so it can be trimmed or mounted to fit). Your Wall Art will arrive rolled in a postal tube.