"Creative Journaling to Unleash the Soul"

 Journaling for Inner Peace.


Whether you are a total beginner to mixed media, journaling or personal development you are most welcome.

Hello, thank you so much for visiting my little website, I am so glad you found your way here. My name is Jane and some of the things that make me 'me' are that I am:

  • A passionate teacher of all things personal and spiritual development.

  • A curious creative soul.

  • A lover of our very human, often messy, journey.

  • An adorer of flowers.

  • A raving fan of mixed media.

  • A seeker of the truth, realness and authenticity.

I am fiercely committed to my own spiritual practice and to guiding you into developing yours.

I believe that of the many needs we have as human beings, the one that we all seem to share is the need for inner peace and that in this most strange of times this need is showing up in us all.

Maybe it is showing up in you as; ​​


  • Feeling scared about an uncertain future in a world that feels frightening and unsettled?

I can show you where to find solace and a true refuge. 

  • Feeling as though you are unravelling and you have lost a sense of who you are and what your life is about?

I can show you where you can find answers.

  • Feeling disconnected (and if you are honest with yourself doubtful) about your current 'spiritual' practice, and keeping one eye out for an approach that feels more embodied, more alive, more real, more downright joyful?

Yep I was there too! 

  • Feeling that creativity holds a key to inner freedom and inner peace?

I've got you!

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I create on-line creative journaling classes and in person  community experiences to help you find greater inner peace.​

I teach a specific form of journaling practice that focusses on your inner world with the express aim of finding inner peace in this unsettled world.


The practice itself uses a visual tool called a 'soul map.' A soul map blends the wisdom of the Enneagram, Mindful Inquiry with Creative Journaling to give you a truly unique method for inner peace.

"Creative Journaling to Unleash the Soul is unquestionably one of the most immediate routes to inner peace. 

By using your soul map you get to dig carefully into the hidden resources of your soul, explore the feelings that often take you by surprise and walk with a steadfast companion through the labyrinths of dark confusion.

You get to confront great questions about the meaning and purpose of your life and you learn that your soul is the home of inner peace."

Inner peace is achieved when you come to know yourself as more than the face you show the world every day.

When you truly know yourself as a human with a soul, you not only know the home of inner peace, you have the courage to be fully alive no matter the circumstances, and be fully present for whatever life brings. 

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Being able to live more fully in each moment because you know who you are.



Learning a practice that becomes a true refuge in moments of personal challenge.



Having an embodied spiritual practice that brings you not only inner peace but also bring you real joy!


Having constant access to a collection of beautiful journal pages that are powerful messages from your soul. 


The Unleash the Soul foundation package not only gives you a journal packed full of goodies, but is also a learning programme in which you will have like mind companions alongside you. And of course I will be with you every step of the way too.

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The Unleash the Soul package is just £29.00!


The journey includes:

Virtual Products:

  • Three video teachings that include:

  • An introduction to your journey to inner peace.

  • The five pillars of your journaling practice. 

  • Step by Step instructions on the core creative journaling process - The R.E.S.T. process.

  • A 22 page downloable guide that explains everything you need to know about your soul map

  • A downloadable sample copy of your map for your laptop. (This is in addition to the full scale printed map in your journal)

  • Access to a 'Allumini" FB group where you can share your journey with others, ask questions and get ongoing support and development for your ongoing journey.

Physical Products (posted)

  • A Kraft Card folder (hole punched) with bronze binder rings and elastic closure.

  • A 40cm x 40cm full scale foldable soul map of your type (like the one above) which is attached to the inner cover of your journal so it is always there!

  • 30 double sided sheets of card stock. The card has a faint white/grey background which can easily be painted over, or for those who do not wish to use paints can be written on, drawn on or collaged onto.


  • A pack of beautiful hand drawn images and 'soul messages' for use in your journal.

The total cost of this amazing package is just £29.00!


 To get YOUR unique journal and begin your journey to inner peace you need to discover which of the nine soul maps is yours.