Do you have the soul of a Teal Peacemaker?

As a Teal Peacemaker, you value inner peace above all else and want to be agreeable, peaceful, natural and comfortable. The essential quality of your soul is therefore PEACE.

You value being calm, and if possible like to avoid conflict. People see you as accepting, unassuming and laid-back. Considerate and gentle, you make people feel comfortable and at ease. You are very accepting and readily empathise, which means your company is often sought after. As the strong, silent type, you have the power of patience, persistence, and resistance, seeing yourself as having stamina and taking pride in your ability to endure.

If this sounds like you then congratulations you have found your map, it is below, please click on the thumbnail image to reveal a full screen sized version.  


Welcome to Creative Journaling to Unleash the Soul!

Click on the image of the map below to reveal a screen sized version of your soul map and save it to your desktop so you can use it for your creative journaling. Click on the short guide to read more about your map and your personality type and watch the short video to learn more about your journey.

Teal Peacemaker.jpg

The Creative Journaling Package is not just a journal packed full of goodies it is also a learning programme! 


The aim of this creative journal package is quite simply inner freedom.

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On my Facebook page 'Creative Journaling to Unleash the soul' you will learn how how to use your map as a Creative Journaling tool to connect deeply with your soul in the process of spiritual emergence and growth. 

You will be taught many ways to bring your inner world to life through paints and inks and any other media to hand. The FB page and YouTube Channel is jam packed with demo’s, tip and inspiration to keep practicing. It is also a place where to share your journey and journal pages if you want to.


The payoffs of adopting this practice in your life will be massive, you will have something that can sustain you, grow you, heal you and guide you. Will every brush stroke, with every doodle, with every splotch and splat of paint this practice will pour life into your life. This will enable you to feel radically alive and free because ultimately it is a journey of liberation.


Whether you are new to creativity or not we are going to have fun. We are going to laugh and cry a lot together in our creative journeys, and when we forget, because we will, we will be there to remind each other, to gently nudge each other back to ourselves. 


My deepest wish is that together we will learn never to lightly abandon our souls.


With warmest wishes


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The Creative Journal Package


This Creative Journal Package is not just a creative also includes downloadable lessons!


This whole package includes:

Vitual Products:

  • Access to a three module introduction taught by Jane Douglas on how to use your journal. The three modules contain everything you need to get you started with your practice. Topics covered Include;

  • The structure and provenance of your map.

  • The power of awareness.

  • How to use the R.E.S.T. process, a mindful mediation process that guides the way back to your soul.

  • How to use the map as a daily practice.

  • A 22 page downloable guide to your map and the journaling process.

  • A downloadable sample copy of your map for your laptop.

  • Access to a 'Allumini" FB group where you can share your journey with others, ask questions and get support.

Physical Products (posted)

  • A Kraft Card folder (hole punched) with bronze binder rings and elastic closure.

  • A 40cm x 40cm full scale foldable map of your type (like the one above) which is attached to the inner cover of your journal so it is always there!

  • 30 double sided sheets of card stock. The card has a faint white/grey background which can easily be painted over, or for those who do not wish to use paints can be written on, drawn on or collaged onto.


  • A pack of tissue paper images and 'soul messages' for use in your journal.

The total cost of this amazing package is just £29.00!