The Occasional Plan

The Occasional Plan is perfect for those who either want to try this practice before committing to a yearly plan or who intend to use this practice once a week or less.

The plan will give you everything you need to learn the R.E.S.T. Practice and enough resources to last you appoximately six to eight months.

In this plan you will get the following...

You will get:

  • Your very own kraft card creative art journal containing:

  • A crib sheet that shows you the four steps of The R.E.S.T. Practice

  • 30 double-sided sheets of good quality card stock

    • 15 black sheets

    • 15 white sheets

  • A booklet of 20 stunning images and 40 soul messages to collage into your journal


  • Your very own starter kit of materials designed to get you up and running right away containing:

    • Four acrylic paint pens, One Black, White, Silver and Gold

    • A bottle of PVA glue

    • A glue spreader

    • A tube of white acrylic paint

    • A foam brush

  • A pack of true self symbols which includes:

    • 3 stencils​

    • 50 card circles and frames

  • A 34-page booklet walking you step by step through The R.E.S.T. Practice

  • Access to six videos that take you step by step through The R.E.S.T. Practice and creative techniques

  • Lifetime membership of our Mighty Networks community which gives you access to:

    • Weekly demonstrations of creative techniques​

    • A place to share your work

    • A place to get support and inspiration from others on the same journey

    • Inspirational blogs to deepen your understanding of your practice.