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You are already a good coach. Why? Because as a Red Challenger you value strength above all else and have a take-charge, no-nonsense, can-do attitude. You have great pride in your ability to face, endure and overcome adversity, and you pass this on to your clients. Your assertive stance and imposing presence make you a ‘force of nature’ and your natural charisma means you are an inspiring role model for your clients. You have a lust for life and want to experience everything to the fullest and help your clients do the same. You believe that ‘too much of a good thing is almost enough’. You want to be open, honest, direct and straightforward and your clients appreciate this in you. Yes, you are a good coach. But this journey is about stepping up to the next level. This journey is about becoming a Soul Centric Coach.

Here is your map for the journey...

What is my map and why do I need it?

Your map is actually a physical map that you can hold in your hands which gives you the psychological understanding needed to become a Soul Centric Coach. 

The outer layers of your map show you first-hand your everyday patterns of defence and armoured ways of being, whilst the centre of your map shows you the deepest aspect of who you are. The part of you that is undefended and free.

This aspect of who you are is for the most part blocked or buried, but is what you must access if you are to become a soul centric coach.

At the core of you is the essential quality of Power.

How does it work?

Our clients are exposed to many gurus encouraging then to be authentic, courageous and true to themselves. They tell them they need to live in the now, detach from their thoughts or let go. There is so much about the what to do, but not many of these gurus teach them the how. 


The My Map Method is your opportunity to learn and use a method that literally shows your clients the how. You will be able to hold the map to this journey in your hands and learn how it can bring you and your clients, fulfilment, peace, joy and freedom.


The map shows us highly specific psychological and spiritual insights into the ways we armour ourselves in patterns of thinking, acting and feeling that stop us being authentic, true to ourselves and live in the now. 

But before using The My Map Method to work with your clients you must first tread the path yourself, if you are going to ask you clients to drop their armour you must drop your armoured ways of being and take a Soul Centric approach.

Taking a Soul Centric Approach is about not only learning how the map works but also about applying it in your practice. This requires you to learn The My Map Method.

Your journey to becoming a Soul Centric Coach 

As a Red Challenger, you journey to becoming a Soul Centric Coach is concerned with the ways you ensure you avoid being weak. Because you fear being powerless you set up a hard and intimidating exterior. You avoid being weak, vulnerable, controlled or manipulated. Secretly, you fear being caught off guard, harmed and/ or humiliated. Being mistreated and at the mercy of injustice are among your deepest fears. You resist and defy anything that is imposed upon you. Fearing deprivation, you avoid ever having to go without what you deem essential to your survival. You do everything in your power to avoid being dependent on anyone or anything. Your vice is excess and going to extremes. Whatever you like, you want more of and whatever you do, you overdo at full speed. Quick to respond, you can overreact and come on too strong. You can be too much, too intense, and unwilling to self-limit. Seeing life as a battlefield or a contest of wills, you can become confrontational and have difficulty backing down or admitting defeat, and like a general surveying the battlefield you are not interested in subtle nuance, but rather in the big picture. Your attention goes to issues of power. Who has it and most importantly, if it is being used fairly. You can be relentless in your search for truth, justice, power and influence.

In a coaching relationship, this could mean that you often find yourself:

  • Dropping into 'tell mode' and fixing clients problems for them.

  • Bulldozing clients into a course of action that might not be the most congruent for them.

  • Suggesting direct action in preference to thinking things through.

  • Becoming irritated by any weakness or resistance your clients might show.

  • Insisting your way is the right way.

  • Being unable to show your own vulnerability.

The journey to inner freedom means recognising and transforming these patterns of behaving, thinking and feeling so you find more space to connect with the Power at the core of who you are. 

What does being a Soul Centric Coach mean to a Red Challenger?

By using your map to reconnect with the power at the core of who you are you will find that you naturally feel more;

  • Relaxed - as you overcome your usual desire to be quite so controlling in your coaching sessions.

  • Vulnerable - as you learn to 'show up' and share more of who you are with your clients.

  • Peaceful- as you let go of the need to force action from your clients

  • Accepting - as you feel less angry and impatient when things do not go your way.

  • Balanced - as you relax the need to work so hard with and on behalf of your clients.

  • Alive - as you live more fully in the moment rather than moving on to the next big thing!

  • Graceful - as you let go of the need to force things to bend to your will.

Try it out...

Below is a short guide on how to use your map. Inside it contains a fuller description of who you are, a brief introduction on how to use the map in your daily life and a copy of your map. Once you have looked at the guide you might like to try the guided meditation, you will need your map open in front of you, so we suggest you keep the guide open on your laptop.

Download your free map & guide for the Red Challenger

Once you have had sight of your map you might also like to try a free guided meditation...

Free Guided Meditation - Jane Douglas
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What next...

Now that you have sampled My Map to Freedom, please feel free to download our Soul Centric Coaching Programme Brochure below.

My Map to Soul Centric Coaching

A learning programme designed to enable you to become a Soul Centric Coach


This exclusive programme has been designed specifically for you if you are an experienced coach or helping professional whose next step on your journey is calling you to elevate your skills to the next level. It has a very focussed mission. To show you how you can use My Map to Freedom as a device to tap into your Soul Centric Presence. 


Using the map as a tool to tap into your Soul Centric Presence means you will be able to:

  • Feel confident and sure-footed in your journey as a helping professional because you have a practice which enables you to respond rather than react to your clients

  • Create the kind of space where meaningful inner work is invited and encouraged

  • Simply be present for your clients rather than feeling obliged to find answers and fix things

  • Trust and believe that you and your clients will get lasting results

  • Travel with your clients as far and as deep as they want to go.

  • Notice when you are being ‘triggered’ by your clients, and know how to return to ‘centre’

  • Transform your own patterns of closure and defence so you ‘show up’ as someone beyond your role

  • Co-create genuine working relationships