The Blue

Loyal Guardian

As a Blue Loyal Guardian, you value safety and security above all else, and for your clients, you represent a steadfast and dependable source of support. You possess an endearing childlike reactivity and often take the position of the Devil’s advocate which is useful to challenge your clients' thinking. Your keen sense of scepticism is extremely useful in sniffing out untruths in your clients' stories and you can be extremely accurate in your assessment of what is going on. To determine if someone is being authentic, you watch for and question any discrepancy you observe. Your client values you as someone who is deeply committed and loyal. These traits mean that you are already a good coach, but this journey is about you stepping up, being fully visible, and doing soul centric work with your clients and in the world. 

Below is your map for the journey.

How does my map work?

Your map is a visual device that enables you to recognise and relax your unconscious and egoic ways of coping, defending and protecting yourself. When used as a practice it enables you to transform your egoic patterns setting you free to live your larger calling in the world. 

The outer layers of your map show you first-hand your everyday patterns of defence and armoured ways of hiding, whilst the centre of your map shows you who you really are. 

Your true self is, for the most part, blocked or buried under the overwhelm of modern-day life. Connecting with this aspect of who you are will enable you to be visible in the world and visible to your clients. At the core of the Blue Loyal Guardian is the quality of Trust.

Your journey to doing soul centric work

As a Blue Loyal Guardian, you don your armour any time you are feeling unsupported or insecure. Your journey to soul centric work is concerned with the ways you ensure you remain secure and supported. At your core, you feel uncertain and insecure. This insecurity leads to a heavy reliance on structures, systems, and traditions and at an unconscious level you worry that the source of your support will abandon you. This manifests in generalised paranoia, suspicion, and scepticism. Lack of faith in your own authority can cause you to overly submit to or challenge others, including your clients in a coaching session. You are highly motivated to avoid disappointing your clients which means you may find yourself proceeding with so much caution that progress is too slow or ineffective. Afraid of fear, submission, and cowardice, you vacillate between loyalty and rebelliousness by puffing up and backing down. You fear anything unproven or radical. Your greatest fear, however, is of being alone and unsupported. When you are afraid, you doubt your own authority and can become provocative and undermining. Your judgement and fear can keep you from taking action and make it hard for you to trust yourself and others.

In relation to your work in the world, this means that you:

  • Overly rely on others to support you.

  • Find it hard to trust yourself and look to others for validation.

  • Play things cautiously and slowly.

  • Get anxious about stepping out into the world.

  • Tend to stay mainstream because it feels safe.

  • Lose faith in your own message.

In a coaching relationship, this could mean that you often find yourself:

  • Overly preparing for coaching sessions.

  • Setting strict rules of conduct through the coaching relationship.

  • Disabling clients by 'over supporting' them.

  • Keeping emotional distance from clients through professional armour.

  • Not feeling 'enough' or 'good enough'

  • Becoming sceptical about your clients' motivations and intentions.

  • Having hidden expectations of loyalty and diligence and struggling when these expectations are not met. 

The journey to soul centric work means recognising and transforming these patterns of behaving, thinking and feeling so you find more space to get back to the Trust at the core of who you are.

How does my map help?

By using your map you will be able to naturally feel more:


  • Trusting - as you soften your usual desire to be sceptical and doubting of yourself, other people, even your clients.

  • Fulfilled - as you learn to 'show up' in the world and with clients, sharing your own needs and fears.

  • Autonomous - as you trust your own judgement rather than seeking guidance from other professionals or overusing 'techniques' and systems.

  • Grounded - as you develop a greater sense of your own self-worth.

  • Courageous - as you feel less fearful when you are unsupported in your work.

  • Alive - as you live more fully in the moment rather than scanning the environment for danger or things that could go wrong.

  • Acceptance - as you let go of resenting clients for not being committed and loyal.

  • Peaceful - as you let go of the need to play Devil's advocate.

Try it out...

Below is a short guide on how to use your map. Inside it contains a fuller description of who you are, a brief introduction on how to use the map in your daily life and a copy of your map. Once you have looked at the guide you might like to try the guided meditation. You will need your map open in front of you, so we suggest you keep the guide open on your laptop.

Download your free map & guide for the Blue Loyal Guardian

Once you have had sight of your map you might also like to try a free guided meditation...

Free Guided Meditation - Jane Douglas
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What next?

If you are feeling called to this adventure then we have lots of opportunities for you to discover more and many ways you can join us. 


The easiest way is to join us on Facebook. This is where all the chatter happens. It would be lovely to see you there. Other offerings include...

 "The My Map to Freedom Box set" a book and full-scale copy of your map 

This box set contains a copy of 'How to Live Unleashed and Alive' by Jane Douglas and a full-scale full-colour copy of your map!

"From coach to soul centric coach' our bi-annual two-day workshop  

This workshop has been designed specifically for experienced coaches or helping professionals who are being called to step out into the world and share who they are or are being called do deeper work with their clients but don't know how to do it. It will teach you how to use the map on your own journey to becoming a visible coach PLUS it will teach you the basics of how to use the map with your clients


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 "The My Map Experience" a one to one coaching journey 

This intensive face to face coaching experience has been designed for coaches and helping professionals who wish to take a deep dive into the work of becoming visible in the world and for 'seekers' who are looking for the next step on their spiritual journey.

Become a Certified My Map Practitioner 

This programme equips you with all the skills and resources you need to deliver 'The My Map Experience' to your clients. This is for helping professionals who wish to make My Map to Freedom a substantial part of the work they do with their clients.