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Who is this for and what is it about?

The Certified Map Practitioner Programme is your opportunity to learn how to deliver The My Map Experience to your clients. The My Map Experience is a six session guided coaching programme that works at the deepest level with clients. This goes further and deeper than the basic methods taught in the two-day workshop From Coach to Soul Centric Coach. This will appeal to coaches and helping professionals who wish to make the My Map to Freedom approach a major part of their coaching practice.

For you personally this journey is an invitation to self-mastery. This developmental journey requires you to undergo the My Map Experience yourself first, that you undergo the same journey you take your clients on. 


In your coaching sessions, you will do the specific exercises, read the supporting materials and commit to the ‘homework’ of the full My Map to Freedom Experience. 


This is NOT a virtual experience and these sessions will be held face to face. You will be asked to put everything up for scrutiny and will be challenged to release old thoughts and belief patterns and do the hard work of releasing emotional wounding patterns. The aim is that you (like your clients) will find the freedom from being held hostage by your ego and all its fears and demands and learn to be free to be who you really are. 


This programme is for serious coaches and helping professionals who are ready.

What will it get me and my coaching business?

Learning to deliver the My Map Experience will;


•Bring depth and meaning to the way you work with clients on the big issues in their life.

•Feel confident and sure-footed in your journey as a coach because you have a framework in which to operate and explore your client’s territory and landscape.

•Tread a time-honoured path rooted in ancient wisdom and made relevant for today’s world.

•Follow not just a map to your client’s solutions, but also a map to becoming a Soul Centric Coach.

•Embark on meaningful inner work that truly transforms, rather than using temporary sticking plasters which simply transcend issues.

•Feel able to simply be present for your clients rather than feeling obliged to find answers and fix things.

•Trust and believe that you and your clients will get lasting results.

•Take your clients as far and as deep as they want to go.

•Give your clients something they can see and take away with them – a plotted course so that they can see where they are heading.

For your business it will;

•Raise your profile through inclusion on our website as a Certified Map Practitioner.

•Increase revenue through client referrals from our network.

•Expand your social media coverage of your work through our social media networks.

•Give you access to professionally produced and printed materials and supporting materials - helping you to look credible.

•Save money through exclusive offers on prices of printed maps/books and on-line courses.

•Extend you ppportunities for affiliate sales of maps and map related products. (We often share the profits of sales of maps.)

•Supply you will off the shelf marketing materials and literature to help promote yourself as a Certified Map Practitioner.

•Increase market share of clients by capitalising on the growing trend for coaches who offer a credible ‘spiritual’ path.

•Increase revenue through higher ticket price coaching. (Ten clients at £2,250 is £22,500 per year!)

How does the training work?

The Certified Map Practitioner training is typically a 6 month journey that involves:


Six face to face coaching sessions - ‘The My Map to Freedom Experience.’


•To become a Certified Map Practitioner you are invited to take the extraordinary journey to inner freedom yourself. This involves working through The My Map to Freedom Experience with your coach. Your coach (who will be a fully certified practitioner) will not only be your guide on your own journey to inner freedom but also ensure you are fully confident in delivering the My Map to Freedom Experience to your clients. As part of this programme you will also get lifetime access to highly subsidised and comprehensive materials to support you in delivering this programme to your clients. Full details of the My Map Experience can be found here





Two one to one sessions  - ‘My Map Orientation’ 


•This experience is delivered by a Certified Map Practitioner either face to face or over the phone. In this session the theories and underpinning knowledge of My Map to Freedom are passed on. (This component can also be achieved by attending the two day From Coach to Soul Centric Coach workshop if preferred and if timing allows) 


Self directed reading – ‘My Map Reading List’


•You will have a recommended reading list to support your learning journey.

What will I learn?

Essentially you will learn everything you need to know to deliver The My Map Experience to your clients. Highlights of your learning are:


•How to use My Map to Freedom with your clients using the two core techniques

•The R.E.S.T. Process (at three levels).  

•The Five Map Meditations.

•The principles and practices of Soul Centric Presence.

•The psychological theories that underpin each layer of the map.

•The nine maps and how they relate to the Enneagram of the Personality.

•How to ensure your clients find the ‘right’ Map to Freedom.

•How to use the map and the R.E.S.T. Process to navigate a wide range of life issues.

You will also be taught how to deliver techniques such as;:


•Guided inquiry exercises that evoke deep insights.

•Guided visualisations that connect with your true self.

•Techniques for diminishing the inner critic.

•Mindfulness and meditation practices for ego relaxation. 

•Body work exercises for emotional release.

•How to lead inquiry sessions with your clients.


How can I use it with my clients?

Often clients come to us who do not necessarily want a ‘spiritual’ approach to life. Many arrive with very human concerns. Here are some of the ways working with the map can help your clients.


In home life it can enable your clients to:

•Mend fractured or dysfunctional relationships.

•Build undefended and authentic relationships.

•Build more intimacy in personal relationships.


In work life it can enable your clients to:

•Bring self-awareness to working relationships.

•Build self-aware teams.

•Become a more authentic leader.


In emotional wellbeing it can enable your clients to:

•Escape the trap of living in the past.

•Get free of emotional pain.

•End emotional eating.

•Ease stress and anxiety.

•Build confidence and self-worth.

In personal growth it can enable your clients to:

•Stay present and live in the now.

•Deepen their mindfulness practice.

•Put the Enneagram into daily practice.

•Live a life of purpose and meaning.


Who will my trainer be?








Your trainer will be Jane Douglas. Not only is Jane the creator of My Map to Freedom and author of the book ‘How to Live Unleashed and Alive’ but is also a highly experienced trainer/coach with a wealth of experience in the field of personal development. During her two decades at the coal face Jane has trained over 600 coaches and 1,000’s of leaders.


As a Teal Peacemaker Jane embodies calm and peace. When you meet her in person you cannot help but be influenced by her presence. 

Her journey to inner freedom has been all about learning to understand that her presence does matter and that the world needs her to come out of hiding and be seen. She still struggles with this at times, even today.

Jane is interested in taking people on a journey to who they really are and helping them come out of hiding. She is passionate in helping people get free from their conditioned and armoured ways of being so that they can live unleashed and alive. 

Jane is committed to working to develop Certified Map Practitioners so that the message behind My Map to Freedom is spread across the globe and sets more people free.

The Investment

The cost for this entire package is £2,500. This is often paid in 6 monthly instalments because on average most people complete the programme in six months. Occasionally we will accommodate 12 monthly instalments if a slower journey through the programme is requested. 


If you are interested in having an informal chat about becoming a Certified Practitioner then please contact me to arrange a mutually convenient time at 




I would love to talk to you



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