Our Certified Map Practitioners 


Jane Douglas









Jane is not only the creator of My Map to Freedom and author of the book ‘How to Live Unleashed and Alive’ but is also a highly experienced trainer/coach with a wealth of experience in the field of personal development. During her two decades at the coal face Jane has trained over 600 coaches and 1,000’s of leaders.


As a Teal Peacemaker Jane embodies calm and peace. When you meet her in a workshop you cannot help but be influenced by her presence. 

Her journey to inner freedom has been all about learning to understand that her presence does matter and that the world needs her to come out of hiding and be seen. She still struggles with this at times, even today.

Jane is interested in taking people on a journey to who they really are and helping them come out of hiding. She is passionate in helping people get free from their conditioned and armoured ways of being so that they can live unleashed and alive. 

Jane is committed to working to develop Certified Map Practitioners so that the message behind My Map to Freedom is spread across the globe and sets more people free.

Sandra Hughes










Sandra works with people who are trapped in emotional pain. Particularly pain from the past that they can’t seem to let go of. Over the last 15 years she has delivered workshops, lectures, talks and coaching to hundreds of individuals and professionals,, guiding people in finding the courage they need to live a life full of meaning and joy. 


As a Red Challenger she exudes power: a strength that people find they can lean into and  the courage she needed to work through her own traumatic past has deepened her capacity to hold other people’s ‘stuff’ without judgement and with great gentleness and empathy. 


Working with people who are sick and tired of feeling trapped and at the mercy of their pain, Sandra is with them every step of the way, guiding them through difficult emotions with an unshakeable belief that they can find their way out of the trap they are in and a can-do attitude that results in people finding the bravery they need to do this deep and meaningful work. 

Tim Vaughan












Tim is a highly experienced trainer/coach with a wealth of experience in the field of personal development. During his two decades Tim has trained 1,000’s of leaders to be more authentic and insists that the route to great leadership is to ‘show up’ and be more vulnerable.


Tim has co-authored a book called ‘Boys do Cry’ and has also done a TED talk on masculinity. 


He is passionate about helping men develop authentic and deep connections with those around them and having just become a father for the second time is dedicating some time to helping men become better fathers.


He also works to help couples develop more intimate connections in their relationships.


A truly inspirational and compassionate person anyone who meets him cannot help but be touched by his warmth, openness and sense of playfulness.

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