About My Map to Freedom

My Map to Freedom is first and foremost designed as a tool to assist in the journey of personal growth, inner freedom and authenticity.


Whilst we humans are remarkable creatures, we have some basic limitations. One being that we tend to go about our every day lives functioning to a large degree according to our habitual patterns. We mistakenly believe that our current ways of behaving are as good as it gets. We respond in predictable and repetitive ways according to the dictates of our early programming, much like highly specialised computers.


And like computers, our lack of conscious understanding of how our existence is limited by our programming means that we have no power to grow out of this pre-programmed conditioning.  We only tend to recognise how limited our programming makes us when we stop long enough to recognise that we are no longer happy or are leading a life that feels too small. 

We are all operating in a waking sleep where our habits of behaviour, thinking and feeling are running the show.

If we are going to break free from our conditioning we need to wake up. Waking up means making a conscious effort to know who we are and what we are doing. To become all that we can be we must start with knowing exactly where we and who we are.


The purpose of the map is to assist in this process of waking up. My Map to Freedom is a visual container that holds all that you are, allowing you to witness, explore and transform your understanding of who you are and why you are here. Sacred traditions from around the world are united in stressing the importance of self-awareness. We are required to be vigilant, to observe ourselves and to bring mindfulness to ourselves and our activities. We are called upon to see the mechanisms of our personality. My Map to Freedom provides you with a simple tool to be able to do this more easily.

It can be used in four broad applications:

In Relationships


It will develop your awareness of the ways you typically close off and defend when around others and grow your capacity to respond from a place of authenticity, intimacy and realness. It offers a simple method of understanding why you do the things you do in the context of real relationship challenges.

In Work

As a leader of others it is no longer enough to simply lead by example. Nowadays employees require that as a leader you 'show up' and share who you are. The call to be more authentic has never been greater than it is now, yet most of us do not understand what being an authentic leader really means. My Map to Freedom equips you with the tools to achieve greater authenticity everyday.

In Wellbeing


It will develop your awareness of the ways you typically defend against life and grow your capacity to integrate old patterns of closure and protection. It offers a simple method of inquiry that allows you to mindfully integrate trapped emotional patterns. 


In Purpose


It will provide you with an approach for learning how to be fully alive no matter the circumstances. The map offers a simple practice that meets the challenge of maintaining this aliveness in daily life without requiring the presence of a teacher, a special environment or the energy of a group exploring together.

My Map to Freedom is a call to action, a tool to be used not a theory to be understood! It works by developing awareness of your conditioned patterns of closure, defence, resistance and reactivity and guides you back to who you were before the world got its hands on you.


My Map to Freedom combines old time-honoured methods and concepts such as focussing on the breath, meditation and the inquiry with a specific form of self-inquiry called the R.E.S.T. Process.

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