The R.E.S.T. Practice
The Creative Route to
Inner Peace and Wellbeing

There can be no denying that the world is complex and challenging for us all at the moment. If any of us are going to thrive amidst the noise and confusion we are all going to need to make an ongoing commitment to nourishing ourselves, to adopt practices that help us thrive and grow. 

The R.E.S.T. Practice is an innovative approach to our own wellbeing. It is a four-step creative journaling practice that blends mindfulness, with simple creative techniques (like doodling) and results in greater resilience, inner peace and joy.


AND the best get everything you need to get started, no need to buy lots of art materials and no need to be an artist either!


The R.E.S.T. Practice is about making it easy to carve out time and space for you to get to know and connect with the real you. It gives you..

A Space of Refuge: Sometimes it’s hard to take time for yourself. Committing to a practice will help draw a line around this time, marking it as especially for you, your journal and your practice. Time to inquire into your own thoughts, find your own words, hear the voice of your inner wisdom. A refuge that lets you know that you are okay - even when everything is telling you it’s not. 

A Space of Connection:  Journaling is generally a solitary experience. With our private on-line community 'The R.E.S.T. Practice Community' you get your own time to create but you also get to hang out with others on their journey so you know you are not alone, that you belong. You will also get guidance and input from me (Jane). 

A Space to Practice: Journal time is your time. No one is going to tell you what you have to write. But when you are learning a new practice it is useful to have a structure to lean into. A bit like learning yoga or any other practice for wellbeing it helps to have some repetitive 'moves' that guide your attention inwards. Once you have mastered the basic practice, then it is open to endless possibilities and you can journal in your way. 

A Space to Rest: Creative journaling enables you to ​rest your overworked nervous system, bringing your tired mind and body back to life. It helps you build the inner resilience you need for when the going gets tough, re-kindling your energy when it dwindles in the busyness of the world

Ten reasons for learning The R.E.S.T. Practice 

R.E.S.T. to Know:  One of the greatest gifts that you can give yourself is the gift of self-knowledge. All of your decisions, your dreams, your creations come alive when imbued with the power of the wisdom your true self holds. Your creative journaling, together with the guided steps of The R.E.S.T. Practice will help you to discover, recover and remember exactly who you are.

R.E.S.T. to Relax: One of the magical properties of The R.E.S.T. Practice is that it reveals to you all the ways you 'get in your own way' when it comes to relaxing. As your practice leads you on an exploration of your inner world you come to know your patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving and learn how to recognise and accept yourself as you are, not as you think you should be.

R.E.S.T. to Express: Your journal is a safe place for exploring everything that is within you. It is a place where you are free to fully express the real you without inhibition or second-guessing, without judgment or fear. In your journal you can say, do and be exactly who you are.

R.E.S.T. to Centre:  The R.E.S.T. practice is like going on your very own retreat. It is a practice that creates the inner space you need to be able to process your day and bring you back to the quiet centre within.

R.E.S.T. to Transform: The R.E.S.T. Practice is a conduit for transforming the patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting that no longer serve you.

R.E.S.T. to Think: The R.E.S.T. Practice invites you to work things out, to explore using guided questions to think things through, to wonder and to question. It’s the perfect place to untangle what seems a confusing jumble in your mind, and things often become clear as you process them on your page.

R.E.S.T. to Remember: The R.E.S.T. Practice will lead you back to who you were before the world got its hands on you!

R.E.S.T. to Grow: The R.E.S.T. Practice allows you to release emotional baggage and burdens you might not even realise you are carrying, that are blocking your way and holding you back from your personal growth.. 

R.E.S.T. to Be: The R.E.S.T. Practice is your practice. It enables you to say or do anything you want on your pages. There is room for all that is you – Whoever you are in this very moment, however you are feeling, all you have to do is show up to your practice and be.

How does it work?


Our offer is structured around the three pricing plans below. Each pricing plan is designed around the amount of art materials you get in each plan. Each plan has three core components...


  • Access to on-line tutorials to learn The R.E.S.T. Practice  

  • Access to our on-line community where you connect with like minded people, share your pages (if you wish to) and receive daily inspiring posts to deepen your practice 

  • Glorious box/es of journaling materials


Choosing a pricing plan is not like buying a commodity, something you can put on a shelf and forget about. This is an active choice to invest in your own wellbeing and the ongoing support that comes from our on-line community. 

Our pricing plans are designed to reflect that ongoing commitment, they also reflect our ongoing commitment to you.

To discover which plan feels right for you simply click the 'Discover More' button below each plan where you will find more detail about the journaling resources you will get with each plan.


I look forward to welcoming you to this most joyous of practices!

Best Value

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every month for 3 months

Perfect for those who wish to try out this practice or who intend to practice once a week or less.

  • Your own R.E.S.T. Practice box of goodies including your journal.

  • Lifetime access to our on-line community with daily videos, blogs and inspiration to deepen your practice.

  • 6 tutorial videos

(UK prices only. For overseas there is an additional charge for postage)




every month for 12 months

Perfect for those who wish to expand their journaling repertoire and intend to practice more than once a week

  • Your own R.E.S.T. Practice Box of goodies including your journal.

  • Lifetime access to our on-line community with daily videos, blogs and inspiration to deepen your practice.

  • 12 tutorial videos

  • 2 additional boxes crammed with art journaling goodies posted through the year. 

A saving of £37.50!

(UK prices only. For overseas there is an additional charge for postage.)



every month for 12 months

Perfect for those looking for a deep dive personal development journey.

  • As well as getting your R.E.S.T. Practice box of goodies you will also get a further 4 boxes of journaling materials crammed full of goodies posted throughout the year. (5 in total)

  • Lifetime access to our on-line community with daily videos, blogs and inspiration to deepen your practice.

  • 30 tutorial  videos

  • 6 comprehensive guides for each box

  • 9 full sized soul maps based on personality types

  • 9 mini soul maps

(UK price only. For overseas there is and additional charge for postage)

About Jane 

Jane has spent over two decades in the world of personal and spiritual development, this latest work is what she describes as her 'coming home.' She is also the published author of two books. How to Live Unleashed and Alive and the short fable Freeing David - both books explore how to live your life fully by finding your way back to who you were before the world got its hands on you. Click here to learn more about Jane.