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Hi there, whether you are a total beginner to creative journaling or personal development or a seasoned 'pro' you are most welcome here. My name is Jane.

Hello and thank you so much for visiting my website. I am so glad you found your way here. My name is Jane. By way of a little introduction some of the things that make me 'me' are that I am:

  • A passionate teacher of all things personal and spiritual development.

  • A curious creative soul.

  • A lover of our very human, often messy, journey.

  • An adorer of flowers.

  • A raving fan of mixed media.

  • A seeker of the truth, realness and authenticity.

I am fiercely committed to my own spiritual practice and to guiding you into developing yours.

I believe that of the many needs we have as human beings, the one that we all seem to share is the need to connect to our deepest selves and the deepest selves of others. In these strangest of times, it appears as though this need is showing up in us all in one way or another.

Maybe it is showing up in you as:​​


  • Feeling scared about an uncertain future in a world that feels frightening, unsettled and disconnected.

I can show you where to find solace and true refuge. 

  • Feeling as though you are unravelling and you have lost a sense of who you are and what your life is about.

I can show you where you can find answers.

  • Feeling disconnected from yourself like you are looking at your life from 'over the garden fence' rather than being in your life and fully living it!

Yep, I was there too! 

  • Feeling the need to find a place where you can connect with others in a real and meaningful way.

I've got you!

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My vision is to build an online creative journaling

 community that helps us all develop, grow and

connect through our shared commitment to our practice.​

The journaling practice I teach uses a visual tool called a 'soul map' which is rooted in the enneagram of the personality.

I don't know if you already have a practice? 

Whether you do or you don't, I wonder what you want from it?

Personally, I want my practice to;

  • Free me from the effort of living, from what I believe I ought to be doing. I want inner peace. 

  • Fill me with joy and rapture, to enliven my tired mind and body.

  • Allow me to sleep deeply when my eyes close. And to feel fully alive when they open.

  • Show me that my life counts for something. 

  • Deepen my connection to the ever-present stillness at my centre.

  • Hold me in a place of true refuge, let me know that I'm okay. That this is okay, even when it’s not. 

  • Connect me to others so that I know I am not alone, that we belong to each other. 

  • Insist I show up, especially when I don’t feel like it.

  • Build a world that works for us all.


Do you want this too?

Creative journaling is a practice that allows you to  know yourself as more than the face you show to the world every day.

When you truly know yourself as a human with a soul, you not only know where home is, you have the courage to be fully alive no matter the circumstances and be fully present for whatever life brings. 

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Being able to live more fully in each moment because you know who you are.



Learning a practice that becomes a true refuge in moments of personal challenge.



Having an embodied spiritual practice that brings you not only inner peace but also bring you real joy!


Being part of a community where it is safe to reveal your true self and where you can witness others doing the same. 


 My invitation is to join our community. When you join you will not simply receive a journal packed full of goodies  you will also discover a space where you get to belong. 

The Creative Journaling to Unleash the Soul Community

When you join this community you are making a commitment to yourself, to developing a practice that can genuinely lead to more inner freedom and happiness. 


You are also undertaking a 12 month learning journey. But the only risk I invite you to take initially is to try it for three months.


This 'try before you commit' investment costs £27.50 plus P&P and includes... 

  • Your very own art journal with a full colour copy of your full-scale working map in the front! 

  • 30 double sided sheets of 350gm card stock.

  • A pack of 40 stunning tissue paper images.

  • A pack of 80 tissue paper ‘soul messages’ to collage into your journal. 

  • Access to monthly teachings on you how to master your practice.

  • Access to weekly demonstrations on creative techniques to use in your journal.

  • Invitations to weekly 'live' fb sessions hosted by me.

  • A 32 page downloadable guide to your map and what it means to you.

  • A downloadable copy of your map for use on your device.

...and of course life long membership to the community


The themes for the initial three months are outlined below.


Month One

"The Power of Awareness"

During your first month you will learn both the 'Inner Game' tools and the 'Outer Game' tools that will be the constant companions on your journey. 

Month Two

"Meeting your Soul"

In the second month you will  explore the qualities of your soul and learn the difference between the experience of your soul and your everyday experience.

Month Three

"From Personality to Presence"

In the third month you will use your journal to explore the ways your personality traits create barriers to your soul and how to move from personality to presence.


The Ongoing Journey...

If, after the three months you decide to stay on the journey every month you will receive exciting packages in the post. The packages contain goodies such as card stock, full-colour soul maps and collections of astonishingly beautiful images and soul messages to collage into your journal. Each month you will also be emailed access to teachings that will guide you step by step through learning how to develop your practice. And of course, you will have access to the community where you can share your work, your challenges and find support.

Access to: 

  • A new teaching each time that will deepen your practice month on month.

  • A demonstration video on journaling techniques. 

  • Invitations to live Facebook  sessions.


In the post you will get:

  • A fresh pack of card stock (every other month) (worth £60.00)

  • A new set of tissue paper images and ‘soul messages’ (worth £107.00)

  • The full set of 9 full-scale foldable working maps (spread out over the 12 months) (worth £80.00)

  • A set of wall art posters of your map. (worth £60.00)

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The price for the remainder of the year is just £19.00 per month plus p&p. 

The first step in learning more is to discover which enneagram type you are and which of the nine soul maps is yours...

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